What makes experiential marketing campaigns more successful than traditional ad campaigns?

Have you ever come across what the marketing visionaries refer to as “360-degree” marketing experience? Just in case you haven’t, you should know that the LA audiences are showing more interest in fully immersive marketing tactics rather than disjointed OOH digital display ads and elusive print ads. While it is not the latest marketing strategy, it is definitely one that the most successful brands and businesses in Los Angeles have adopted in the last couple of years.

It’s time to move away from selling and forgetting

“Selling and forgetting” might have been the approach your brand has taken for this long, but the demanding Los Angeles audience does not want to spend their hard-earned money on brands that do not offer them a unique experience. It is the time for creating a continuous and intense emotional engagement with the audience. It can inspire brand loyalty and increase the ROI over time.

 experiential marketing campaigns more successful than traditional ad campaigns

Yes, setting up a brand activation campaign or executing an event based marketing stunt can be expensive in Los Angeles. However, research shows that brands that work with experienced and trained experiential marketing agency Los Angeles enjoy higher ROI from event-based marketing campaigns as compared to traditional marketing. One of the leading reasons can be the increasing devotion of their target audience towards electronic devices. People have no time to look around unless the marketing approach creates a “disruption” in their daily routine.

Your campaign strategy should be “disruptive”

When people walk past a digital screen showing numerous films or images, they hardly look up. However, when a brand sets up an event or an interactive opportunity in the same geographic location, there is a higher chance the people will pay attention to whatever is going on. The millennial audience values interactions more than print and digital ads.

Interacting with a brand and its products or services contributes to brand recall. Additionally, it influences the perception of the audience of the brand and its quality of service. People are more likely to purchase a high priced item from a brand they have previously interacted with than from a new brand that did not exist in their microcosm even two days ago!

Why is consumer engagement important for brands?

In short, experiential marketing in Los Angeles can inspire both trust and loyalty – the two leading factors that contribute to how readily a visitor will convert into a customer and how frequently he will return to the online or brick-and-mortar store for buying more.

While free product sampling is still one of the most economical and straight-forward ways to engage in experiential marketing, it may not be the most effective method. Several leading departmental stores and retail stores across the US offer free samples of new products for potential customers. However, these stunts are rarely successful due to the noise in the chosen location. Here noise refers to the abundance of other prominent and veteran brands present inside the area where these campaigns take place.

How can the choice of site influence the success of an event marketing strategy?

The choice of the physical location of the event is one of the critical factors that will influence the degree of success of your brand campaign. For example, if you are thinking about opening a new fitness studio, you might want to set up a mobile truck mini-fitness studio to give your target audience a taste of the premium machinery and fitness equipment they can enjoy within the premise.

To set up an event in the right geographic location, you must first find your target audience. Your target can be a group of new mothers trying to get back in shape quickly – in that case. You might want to “set up shop” near the parks and toddler recreation centers in LA. If your idea is to capitalize on corporate fitness programs, you should set up the truck near the office areas in the LA city. Doing so will allow your target consumers to test and try the services you are offering without them leaving their comfort zone.

How can experiential marketing engage the busy consumers?

It is essential to take the unique experience your brand is offering to their doorstep. Every brand must realize and acknowledge the changes in the lifestyle of their target customers. Most don’t have the opportunity to take 5-minutes out of their daily routines. Therefore, taking the event to their comfort zone and route of travel is always beneficial in creating the right first impression.

What’s the secret of every successful experiential marketing campaign?

Always remember to create a value-adding experience for the audiences that are relevant for your product. Being a fitness company, one cannot go around offering free ice creams and scones to their target consumers, unless they have an ulterior message. Be sure to communicate clearly after grabbing the audience’s attention. Remember, just setting up a show and inviting the audience is NOT enough. You need a wise and knowledgeable marketing team to craft the right message that upholds your brand and product.

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