What It Takes To Be a Celebrity Bodyguard

Much of what we associate with being a bodyguard comes from what we’ve seen in movies and TV shows. However, being a bodyguard is much more than having a strong and intimidating physique. This is especially true when it comes to those protecting high-profile people such as celebrities, who are paid a premium for the much-needed peace of mind. From extensive training to licenses to endurance and strength, here’s what it takes to be a celebrity bodyguard.

You’ve got to be trustworthy and good at keeping secrets

When following around a celebrity 24/7, you’re exposed not only to cameras and flashing lights, but also their private lives. You learn about their lifestyle, their relationships, as well as their secrets. While it can be tempting to share, a good bodyguard knows that silence is gold.

Any information that leaks to the public can and will be treated as a breach of contract. It may even cost you a pretty penny while also affecting any future contracts that you sign. On the other hand, keeping celebrities’ secrets will show your trustworthiness and help you keep your bodyguarding job for longer.

You need to maintain your focus at all times

One of the biggest duties that a celebrity bodyguard has is to remain alert and on their toes at all times. This can be difficult since they’re expected to play multiple roles at once. Still, taking your eye off the ball can have serious consequences, even when it’s something simple such as taking a photo.

In fact, according to David Katz federal agent, being a reliable security officer requires tactical planning and careful assessment of risk, vulnerability, and threat. Your core function is, after all, to avoid risks and prevent harm to your client. Distractions can be costly, so keep your eyes peeled for any potential dangers and do your best to maintain focus.

What It Takes To Be a Celebrity Bodyguard

You will need to go through extensive training

Part of the job of a bodyguard has to do with handling emergencies and critical situations when they arise. Celebrities need someone they can rely on to make the best possible decision in the shortest amount of time. To do so, a bodyguard needs to go through extensive training that will prepare them for their role.

During the training, a bodyguard will learn everything from gun handling and risk assessment to negotiation, surveillance, and first aid. This is why these types of jobs are usually taken up by people in the law enforcement or those with some military experience. That said, the techniques and methods that are used these days don’t necessarily call for such backgrounds and can be adopted by anyone pursuing a career as a personal security agent. Such skills will also make you more employable as well. 

You will need a license to work as a bodyguard

In order to become a bodyguard, you will need to obtain the necessary license. Licensing comes with particular requirements future security agents are expected to meet. These requirements largely depend on the state you’re in, so be sure to check them before applying.

Generally speaking, many countries will require bodyguards to undergo specific training courses at respected agencies. Some may also require future personal protection personnel to have some military experience. Only then will they be able to issue a license so that you can start working as a bodyguard. Others, however, may not require any of these at all.

You’ve got to work round the clock sometimes

Going places and traveling in luxury, living big, meeting celebrities and other high-profile people – these are just some of the benefits that come with the career of a bodyguard. That said, it’s important to remember that bodyguards are there to provide protection.

Of course, some may be hired just to accompany celebrities and help them avoid taking risks. Others, however, are hired to ensure celebrities’ safety day and night, in which case they reside in the celebrity’s home. This will require them to work round the clock sometimes. It all depends on the type of personal security that’s being provided.

Wrapping up

There’s no doubt that the career of a security guard comes with a long list of requirements and responsibilities. However, it is also a rewarding and fulfilling career path. While it’s not for everyone, those who do succeed in building a name and reputation for themselves can manage to secure a job that they truly enjoy.

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