Strength Training For Women and Myths

Strength training for women let alone working out using weights has many advantages – it has an impact on health, strength, and aesthetics.

For some reason though, women ignore strength training giving preference to yoga or aerobics. Due to completely absurd and inept prejudices, women exclude those exercises, which help towards the fitness attainment of an end faster by several times from schedule of workouts. Women`s prejudices connected with working out in the gym are based on myths.
Strength Training For Women and Myths

Myth: Becoming a masculine woman

You are safe from it! One of the most popular and mistaken myths among women is that strength training is able to turn you into a body-builder. Yes, it is possible but only if you do it on a professional level, – train twice a day, stack the anabolics and sports supplement.

Becoming a masculine woman

Very few go for it so your muscles will not go big, do not worry. Women do not have such a hormone balance, which is why the only thing they obtain is a light muscle definition. Keep in mind that women cannot have big muscles without using steroids. Specialized medicine only is able to provide with a high percentage of testosterone, which is a male hormone. Strength training will help you to make your body beautiful and be in good shape!

Myth: A fatty tissue turns into muscle tissue

Fatty tissue does not turn into muscle tissue during strength training! Some women, who want to lose weight and get rid of extra pounds, do not feel like using weights. They believe that working with dumbbells is going to turn their fatty tissue into muscle tissue and they will become bulky.

A fatty tissue turns into muscle tissue

It is not going to happen because of muscles and body fat, tissues, which consist of different types of cells. Even if your muscles become bigger, you will be able to make losing weight go faster on the account of calorie burn in the muscles. Now, your muscles are going to burn calories even during watching TV.

Myth: Strength training is a high-injury sport for women

Strength training is not high-injury. They have no impact on flexibility! Yes, that is right! Working out with weights may pose risk to get injured but it will not go to happen if to do exercises right.

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On the contrary, exercises are to help you to prevent from being injured in everyday life. If during working out, some exercise causes you pain feelings, you most likely do it wrong. Consult a trainer in that case.

Strength training is a high-injury sport for women

Do you think that strength training may hurt? Actually, many people get injured in everyday living without sport. Quite the opposite, working out in the gym will help you to feel better and boost vitality. Working out on a regular basis, you are going to feel great until your chair days. The main thing is not to overdo with impact and ask your trainer.

In order to avoid injury, take warm-ups before you start working out – jog, sit-up, lean, these all are going to make your joints more flexible.

Myth: Muscles do not turn into fat if to stop training

Women are afraid to go to the gym because they have read in some glossy magazine that those muscles they have will turn into fat lines in the future.

The problem is in the point that those people who do strength training consume more calories and when they stop working out, they forget to dock on rations. It appears that they eat quite a lot at no physical activity. Muscles do not burn that many calories as before, a person gains weight as a result and tells others that strength training causes gain weight. It is enough to train three times a week in order to look sportive.

Muscles do not turn into fat if to stop training
Some women believe that in order to achieve the result they want to achieve, they are going to need to spend hours in the gym daily, which is why they find excuses and say they simply do not have time for that. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is to go to the gym 3-4 times a week at the length of the workout session no less than 50-60 minutes. Try to give-it-all and these three sessions are going to be just right for you. Give attention to not fitness machines only but also dumbbells and barbell. Free weights are going to help you with work on every inch of your body. Do cardio as a warm-up if the fat burn is your task.

Myth: Female training differs from male training

Even some trainers believe that training of women should be different from men`s. This is wrong to think. health coach Ashleigh Coutinho, says that the core ideas of strength training are the same for men and women. Actually, if a schedule includes an equal working of all muscles, it is going to fit both, men and women. Any training should include working out of all body parts despite sex and age. Oftentimes, one can see how men train their backs and chest while women are focused on their legs. Each training is to be thoughtful, which is why try to group exercises correctly and well. 

Female training differs from male training

If you need your body to be proportional, use complex approach only, which is meant for all the muscles groups. Remember! Strength training has to be diverse to the limit!

Myth: experiment with heavy weights

Basically, all women who work out with weights use lightweight dumbbells. Such a weight is useful but it is not going to make you get a muscle definition and an attractive body. In order to achieve the highest results, you need to use the weight causes muscles failure a minute and a half (90 seconds) at the earliest. If you need to lose weight, fast and make your muscle definition better, forget about lightweight and replace it with heavier ones.

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Strength training for women does not have any impact on flexibility. Just do not forget to spend a few minutes stretching at the end of each session. It will help you to prevent injuries.

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