Web One page Is it a good option for entrepreneurs?

In full 2019 it is already an obligation to have a web page for almost any company, why? Simply because the potential market has moved to the internet and we can see that in the exponential increase in internet users that has already reached the 4,021 million users worldwide (An astronomical amount).

What is a One Page?

A One page is one of the many options that can be created in web design. A One page contains a single page (Home) in which basic and summarised information of a brand appears.

Its main characteristics

Does not contain any link to internal pages

Contains a short summary of every aspect of the brand.

You may have a contact form

They can be responsive sites (Adapted to mobiles)

They have basic stages of quality, safety or speed.

Who doesn’t have a One page

Does not have a Blog

Does not have custom urls for each segment
Does not have a section to generate new content

The user does not have a navigation flow that can continue within the web

Advantages of having a Web One Page

Having a One Page will give you at least a basic presence on the internet but also:

It is economical and quick to do compared to other web pages.

Being a single page, you can turn it into a sales page and link it to a digital campaign

A One Page facilitates SEM campaigns since it will focus on 1 single objective and the user will not have many options, since there is no internal navigation in which to get lost.

Disadvantages of having a Web One Page

Of course not everything is perfect, having a One Page can be a bit of a limiter especially because:

Web analytics (User behaviour on your website) is very limited and poor. You cannot get data that can help you a lot.

If the user does not have all the answers they are looking for on that single page, you may lose it.

It is not a web page that is powerful for seo or attracts organic traffic.

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