Watch Your Watch: 6 Watch Problems That You Should Know About

Time is an essential matter. Hence, wearing a watch is a vital need for the everyday life of a person. But what if it stops working? There may be a lot of ways to keep up with time, but it is more convenient if you have your own watch. 

There isn’t much maintenance needed when having your own watch. Just make sure that you know what kind of watch you are wearing for the day. Some watches are waterproof, and some are not. Some are vintage or classic, and some are digital or automatic. Here’s a list of typical problems of broken watches.

Broken or Cracked Screen

It is a disappointment when the glass screen is broken. You will be having difficulty keeping up with time. Especially when you are wearing an automatic or digital watch because there will be a tendency that it will stop working compared to manual or classic watches.

This kind of problem usually happens when a person is in a hurry, and they accidentally hit something that may cause the screen to break. Also, if the strap of the watch is not that intact or it is loose, this may cause it to fall, resulting in a damaged screen or cracked screen.

Moist Screen

Moist usually appears on the screen when you expose your watch to water or extreme humidity. Now, this kind of problem is tricky since you need to open your device. Issues like this can be easily fixed if you know the right procedure or right person for the job.

If your confident that you won’t mess up repairing your watch, here’s a good method to remove moisture on your watches. In a big container, place your watch with enough uncooked rice to cover it. Leave it covered for at least 1 or 2 days. The rice will drain the moisture out of your watch.

Total Blackout

Now for this one, this usually happens on digital watches. Some watches are shockproof, which means they don’t easily break unless the fall or impact was too much.

If your smartwatch falls and sustains extensive damage, you might be in for a bad day. It isn’t very easy to repair a smartwatch because of its tiny parts. These parts are also expensive, and you might be better off purchasing a new watch.

A total blackout could also signify problems with the watch’s software. Always consult a professional when it comes to these kinds of issues. Most of the time, inexperienced owners tinker with their smartwatches and cause even more problems. For some smartwatches, there are also practices that can affect the battery, which may cause the screen to go black. 

Hands don’t Work

This kind of problem is pretty standard. It usually happens when your battery is already dried out, or there’s a need to fix any significant issue. You will need to call or go to a repair shop for this one. 

If there’s still a problem with the hands even though you replaced the batteries, there might be problems with hands or the spring works in the watch. An experienced repairman may tell you to buy the parts if you want to fix this kind of problem.

Problem with Buttons

Buttons can be located on the sides. It will also depend on the model of the watch. Example of these is chronograph watches and digital or automatic watches. Most of these watches are known as a diver’s watch; therefore, they’re waterproof. These kinds of watches are designed to withstand specific incidents that involve water.

Dirt usually gets stuck in the buttons, which may cause it to break. Also, spring malfunction can be the reason for this kind of problem. You can fix this kind of problem by yourself by just cleaning the part that has dirt in it. But if you don’t have time for it, you can always call the repair shop to do the job for you.

Rust or Discolorations

For watches that have a considerable age, you might notice some discolorations on your watch. You might see a bluish or red fade, especially on the straps. This change in color is due to the metal reacting to some of the chemicals in your sweat. This discoloration could also tell you that you may have a counterfeit watch.

However, all types of watches, whether genuine or not, can have some discolorations. Even the cheapest rolex can have this problem. It would be best if you took any discolored watches to a professional cleaner so you can avoid damaging.


Expensive or not, you should always give value to your watch. You may not know when you will need it. Just like giving importance to time, taking good care of watches is also essential for you to keep up with what’s happening around you from time to time. The problems mentioned above, are the most common watch problems.

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