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Use Of Paraphrasing To Avoid Plagiarism

Use Of Paraphrasing To Avoid Plagiarism

Article re-writing or paraphrasing is another way to get rid of plagiarism. People who have English as their second language face these situations quite often. Owning a website is not a big deal but maintaining it is because it requires a lot of unique and authenticity in its content. Without good quality content, your website cannot rank well, and there is a possibility that your site might get hit by Google Panda. It was an update in the year 2011 after which many sites were brought down, some because of keyword stuffing and some because of plagiarism. These sites used content that belonged to other sites, in short, they copied other’s content and pasted it onto their websites.

This act where you copy other’s words, images, content and use it as your own is called plagiarism. You can check your content for plagiarism at edubirdie. Regarding this controversial topic, we need to follow some rules of the internet if we want to appear in the search engine results page. It is easy and takes a diminutive amount of time to copy someone’s work and pretend to be the rightful possessor but what about your website? This typically happens to the newbies who have just stepped into the world of internet with a brand-new site because they always wanted to have one or people who weren’t aware of these keep on changing algorithms. 

To avoid such situations we use a free rewrite tool by , these tools not only change a few words but make the meaning of the sentence or paragraph clearer. These tools are available online and can be used by anyone who likes the content present on other sites. This content can be posted on your site after paraphrasing because in today’s cyber world the structure of the material matters more than the keywords in it.

Benefits of Paraphrasing Tool

•    Brighter Meaning

Paraphrasing not only rewrites your whole paragraph but it also shows more evident definition by better synonymization. These tools can re-write anything you throw at them, and even if you don’t know, these tools are used by the experts to find an explicit meaning of the content. If you are a writer, then you already know the importance of distinctive content over the internet. According to Google if your written material contains exclusive content, then Google might share it in its news feed, which means more publicity and a better chance to rank.

•    Reorientation 

If you don’t like what you wrote, you can have it modified by the article re-writer tool, and if you didn’t like the paraphrased version, then you can give a command to the paraphrasing tool to spin the article again. This is the part about paraphrasing I love the most; you can make it re-write for you as many times as you want. There are a number of websites on the internet that have article spinner but which one won’t waste your time? Well, it is up to you because most of them either require registration or aren’t free at all there are decidedly fewer sites like who offer these services for free.

•    Remove Errors

An article writer, a professional or a beginner, his biggest fear is the grammatical or spelling mistakes in the article because it requires a lot of time to fix. It is why even professionals refer to these tools when it comes to correcting errors. These tools take care of all the grammatical mistakes, and you can also change a few words while rectifying any errors. These errors if fixed manually, require a lot of concentration and time but why focus on fixing them when you have an online tool waiting to do it for you?

Developers And Content Writers Cut Corners

The development of websites is more comfortable than it ever was since people got underway to Word press and bootstrap. These two are the easiest ways to build a responsive website, and anyone can have it who desire to exhibit their skills or wish to write blogs.

Professionals need to find quality content to make their website progress on the scale of the search engine results page, but when there is a lot of opposition in the market of the internet, it is not easy to establish your realm.

This is why all the developers, writers moved to easy development and writing methods but still, some people like to work in cores because it was and is the best practice to keep knowledge in the back of your head. 

So, even if English isn’t your first language, you should still try to write and use paraphrasing tools for fixing errors instead of making it spin the whole content for you. Although there can be times when you don’t like what you write, at these events you can use paraphrasing tools to give your hard to understand words a better-sophisticated form.

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