Upcoming exciting features on iOS 17

Apple has always been on highlight for its products with excellent features, including smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearables, and accessories. Although people do criticize the company for its high prices, however, I believe Apple products are worth the expenditure.

Besides its amazing products, Apple has introduced 16 iPhone operating systems but has announced iOS 17 this year with several extraordinary features that have taken the internet by storm. Along with iPhone users, Android operators are curious to know what’s new in iOS 17. Satisfy your inquisitive mind with this piece of writing and get to know about the iOS 17 compatibilities and features.

Exciting features on iOS 17

The article provides the information about new features of iOS 17 that you have been looking for. Give it a quick read and discover what new features have been introduced by Apple.

  • Live Voicemail
  • NameDrop and AirDrop
  • Check-in
  • Fun conversation with Live Stickers
  • FaceTime app
  • Get Offline Access to Map
  • Notes
  • Create workout plans with Fitness App
  • Health App
  • Standby

Live Voicemail

Now you will get to know whether it is a spam call or not with the help of voice mail transcription left by a caller. If the user has identified the call as spam, the call will not be sent to the Live Voicemail and will immediately be blocked.

NameDrop and AirDrop

Enjoy the perks of being an iPhone user and trade someone’s contact information by simply bringing two iPhones closer or iPhone and Apple Watch together. AirDrop allows you to share a file with your co-worker or a collection of images with friends or siblings. You can also start a SharePlay to listen to your favorite songs together with your friends or watch a movie together.


Protective parents out there! You can now cut down on stress by keeping tracking the live location of your child via iMessage with a new iOS 17 Check-in feature. It will notify you even about your child’s low phone battery. So now you can keep track of your loved one with this useful and much-needed feature.

Fun conversation with Live Stickers

Get ready to spice up your conversation with Live Stickers, a feature with which you will have the freedom to customize the live photos by replacing them with a sticker and giving them a cool effect. This feature will fill your mobile screen with different colors and characters of your liking.

FaceTime app

View your family members and friends on the big screen of Apple TV via the FaceTime app, through which you can hand the call over. You can start the conversation immediately with the FaceTime app by using the camera on an iPhone.

Get Offline Access to Map

Use the map offline by saving the section of a map you need to use later on. Now you will receive step-by-step information while using public transportation, cycling, driving, and walking.


Annotate the PDF scans and documents with the help of this new feature and add links to connect the relevant notes, such as the trip you are planning, your favorite restaurants you want to eat in, or some best hotels you want to stay in.

Create workout plans with Fitness App

Motivate yourself by keeping track of your friend’s activities related to fitness and the highlights of their achievements. Use custom plans in Apple Fitness+ to design meditation sessions and workout routines according to your convenience and preference.

Health App

Organize your health records, labs, activity, sleep, and medication with the help of a Health App that ensures to keep your data secure. You can also collect the data from iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch, and other compatible devices.

It detects the change in your heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, and respiratory rate and then makes you aware by notifications. Get to know about your emotional state by taking Standardized Mental Health assessments and speak to your physician to determine your current risk for depression or anxiety.

With a new Screen Distance feature remind yourself whenever you are closely exposed to the device for a longer period.


The StandBy feature in iOS 17 allows users to monitor their iPhones from a distance while charging. It can be placed anywhere and customized to display favorite clock designs, images, and widgets like Smart Stacks. StandBy supports Live Activities, Siri, incoming calls, and expanded notifications. It also remembers the last viewed page while charging through MagSafe. Accessing StandBy is simple on the iPhone 14 Pro with the Always-On display.


Apple has unveiled the iPhone operating system 17, which has brought a significant update to apps such as Live Voicemail, NameDrop, and AirDrop, Check-in, Message App, FaceTime app, Map, Notes, Fitness App, Health App, and Standby feature. iOS 17 has facilitated iPhone users even more by working extensively on the apps that users rely on every day. Now you can have conversations with fun, can keep track of your physical and mental health, and there is much more to offer.

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