Give V Cut Hair A Rest And Try These 8 Trendy Hairstyles In 2020

The early 2000s was most likely the horrible period for beauty and fashion in history. Recall the velvet dark pink pants? What about the denim top and mini skirt? For God’s sake! It was also the era of yellowy highlights, tons of layers blow-dried to the outside, the front bubbles, and the half-straight/half-crimped hair. Yet, there was somewhat more, the most horrible of them all the V cut hair.

Ok, maybe the earlier trends are far worse, but the deal with the V cut hair is that some way it is still a thing for those who deny leaving the past behind. I mean, I get it, it makes a lengthening effect that makes your hair look lengthier, but let’s be open, it is not that gratifying! Especially for those of us who do not have straight hair. The ugliest part of this trim is that if you are willing to even your locks by making it all shorter, you would have to retain this look for ages until your shorter locks touched the full length.

So, why still going after a style that’s pretty much nonsensical and bland as we are about to enter the 3rd decade of the century? If you are one of those who think that this is the trendy style and you are reluctant to let it go, take a look at the following haircuts recommended by hair salons Fredericton stylists, which are more practical, trendy, and versatile as compared to v haircut.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs can be a best way to change your appearance. While there’s an exact bang hairstyle for every single face shape, its right that bangs can be a bit intimidating. But do not worry since there’s a style of bangs that looks natural on anybody. Let me present you to curtain bangs, an actually cool kind of bang that will make you look so hip right now while flawlessly framing your face. 

Glass Hair

A-listers have adopted the cool and fashion-forward style of Glass Hair. It is a truly short and sleek bob that hardly goes under the jawline. This hairstyle is lovely, elegant and can give your beauty an excellent frame that would appear great in any bone structure. But, remember that you have to commit to it since it needs to be frequently cut and daily straighten.

Textured Lobs

We are still in the age of the Bob, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere in the coming future, and that is because it’s precisely satisfying for all face shapes. If you are one of those who won’t dare to go for a short hairstyle, then Bob’s head, the Lob, can be your best match. This year, Lobs, or better said “Pretty Girl Bobs”, will be quite stylish. Don’t wear it straight and better give it a try in a more messy and texturized way.

Bob with Bangs

Bangs can style up your bob, especially if you combine texturized bob with messy bangs. The bob with bangs is best for individuals with more elongated looks since the frame it creates, gives the impression of a more curved head. Again, it all depends on the form of bangs you are going for, but a fine bob with curtain bangs can really be rocked by anyone.

One Length

If you are tired of that old fashion V cut hair, and then this is basically the most comfortable look you can go for. One-length, straight hair isn’t only a straightforward and unfussy style, it’s also extremely fashionable. Further that, it can be more flexible than one would imagine since it looks smooth and wonderful whether you go for a wavy make or a straight style.

Grown Out Pixie

A pixie is not only a style for the brave but also a bold and trendy fashion statement. One of the styles we shall see this year everywhere is the grown-out pixie, which looks as if your regular pixie has grown out making it look messier yet sharp. Mainly, the idea is keeping the sides short with a number of choppier and longer locks on top. Again, unlike what it might look, this hairstyle needs a lot of time and efforts to keep it beautiful.

Waterfall cut

Though this hairstyle has some memories from mid-2000s styles, there’s no doubt that the waterfall haircut has a robust return, especially for persons who need a little more volume and texture on their locks. Commonly, this style comes hand by hand with one of those modern hair colour styles like ombre or balayage as the different lengths of the cut can provide a more robust effect to colour.

Devacut Haircut

I found information about this hairstyle from devacut Fredericton hairstylist.  She said Deva Transformation (a combination of haircut & style) an innovative dry-cutting procedure was designed for natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Hair is formed curl-by-curl, while in its natural, and dry state. This deluxe customized service starts with the DevaCut followed by a botanical-infused cleansing and conditioning of curls and is completed by a styling and coaching session to help you care for curls at home.

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