Top Vacation Destinations on the Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean is widely known both for its diverse cultures, friendly people, amazing cuisine and gorgeous nature. All the countries in the Mediterranean Sea area offer many wonderful vacation destinations perfect for an unforgettable holiday and exploration. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches, clear sea, and charming coastal towns.

There are so many Mediterranean countries that you would love to explore that it may be hard to decide where to begin, so here’s a list of several suggestions.

Majorca and Menorca, Spain

Mallorca is one of Spain’s top tourist destinations, particularly in summer. Famous for its wonderful beaches and wild nightlife, Mallorca is a true Mediterranean jewel that has been very welcoming to tourists since the 19th century.

Mallorca is a perfect place to explore various activities but it’s not only limited to its peak season from June to October. You can visit the island all year round and enjoy visiting small towns without the usual crowds, see the ancient ruins, and enjoy the local cuisine.

Another great Spanish island to visit is Menorca. It’s fairly unknown to the wider public so it offers a slightly different holiday experience than the typical holiday in Spain. Menorca is a part of the Balearic Islands and it’s quite tiny, but despite its size, it has more than 100 beautiful beaches. It is also ideal for an active holiday for those who love kayaking and canoeing. Nature lovers will appreciate the local nature and indigenous birds.

Manarola and Sardinia, Italy

Manarola is a picturesque village in the Cinque Terre area and one of Italy’s most beautiful villages in the Italian Mediterranean region. It’s well-known for its unique charm, narrow cobbled streets, and beautiful colourful houses. If you decide to visit Manarola, don’t miss the other beautiful villages that belong to the Italian Riviera. They are all well connected by hiking trails, so you’ll have no problem finding the Camino del Amor, the road that links Manarola to Riomaggiore.

Another amazing place to visit in Italy is Sardinia, a beautiful island and an impressive holiday destination in the Mediterranean. It is the second-largest island in the entire Mediterranean and boasts a magnificent coastline of gorgeous beaches. The island also offers many activities, from horse riding to sailing. In winter, you can enjoy skiing. And, all year round, you can enjoy their incredible cuisine.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro might be another ideal vacation destination and one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1970s, it’s lined with beaches and backed by impressive mountain ranges.

Kotor is the largest town in the bay with many cruise ships anchoring in the harbour every summer. Atop the fortified walls surrounding the city, you’ll have stunning views of the town and the entire bay. Strolling down its streets, you’ll discover old churches, a cathedral and unique cafes and restaurants.

As an urban hot spot, don’t miss the town of Tivat and its stunning  resort near lovely Porto in the Montenegro which successfully blends a spectacular lifestyle destination with a high-class, full-service marina, elegant bars and bistros, leisure and cultural amenities, and a luxury residential village.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some 90 kilometres north of Montenegro lies Dubrovnik, a gorgeous city in Croatia brimming with history and impressive architecture, also under UNESCO protection. It’s a culturally-rich coastal town in the Adriatic Sea, with the old part dating back to the 16th century.

The city’s architecture includes the Sponza Palace of the Renaissance, the Church of San Blas, and the Rector’s Palace of the Gothic period. There is plenty to do and see in Dubrovnik, and with its magnificent beaches and resorts, make sure to stay at least a couple of days.  

Santorini and Kefalonia, Greece

Of all the amazing places in Greece, Santorini is considered to be one of the most exciting destinations for lots of reasons – it’s a volcanic island with a dramatic history, full of spectacular landscapes, sharp cliffs, and gorgeous beaches of black volcanic sand.

Don’t let go of the thought of black sand put you off – the island is beautiful and colourful as well, particularly known for its bright white houses, light turquoise sea and many luxury resorts. Santorini’s busiest season is summer, but the climate is quite mild so you can visit it all year round.

Kefalonia is another exciting Greek island with unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches. It’s the largest of the Ionian Islands known for its incredible sea, and beautiful beaches. It is an ideal destination for those who don’t like the crowds and are looking for a holiday destination a little more relaxing.

The Mediterranean, commonly referred to as the Med, encompasses an impressive group of twenty-one amazing countries. Each country is so unique with its own distinct culture that it would be an absolute shame not to visit them all! Naturally, with such a great choice of destinations, it’s not easy to decide where to go first, so hopefully, this list will give you a starting point for your perfect getaway break.

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