Top Tips for Gorgeous Hair According to Hairstylists

From all the people in the world, very few of them can say that taking care of their hair is a piece of cake. More often than not, it’s daunting and nerve-racking as you keep facing the problem of split ends, frizziness, dull or greasy hair and many other. While some say that’s just how your hair is, and you should deal with it, experts do their best to prove us wrong day in day out. Precisely today, we bring you a few expert tips from hairstylists that will help you have gorgeous hair every day.

Get regular cuts

Regular cutting of hair

The number one rule of healthy beautiful hair is regular trims. You cannot expect to have flawless locks if you neglect your hair.  Therefore, make sure you visit your hairstylist for a little bit of trimming every three months. For those with long hair, stylists recommend trimming it every six to eight weeks. If you have short hair, trimming it every four to six weeks will be fine. You can do it more often if your hair needs recovering from years of dying, stylings and burning under the hair styler heat.

Know your hair type

hair type

Aside from regular trimming, you must also dedicate yourself to your hair and get to know it in more depth. Is your hair damaged, dry, or frizzy? Does your scalp constantly feel greasy? Are you having trouble keeping your hair styled? All of those problems affect different types of hair. That’s why it’s important to know whether your hair is oily, dry, dull, damaged, or you need to use products for managing curls. Use texture and volume spray to perk up limp hair, and reach out for smoothing creams when you want to tame thick hair. For those missing their long hair, we suggest you look up clip-in ponytail hair extensions and leave everyone in awe thanks to this flawless natural-looking human hair. Achieve that luxurious volume with supreme shine seamlessly, with premium ponytail extensions.

Sleep on silk

silk cushion

Are split ends your worst nightmare that you keep on living day after day? Cotton pillowcases and sheets may very well be the reason for it. They will absorb your hair care products and strip your hair off of its moisture more quickly. That’s why you should seriously consider switching to silk or satin. These fabrics don’t rub the hair in an aggressive manner, so they will help you keep your salon hair look flawless for much longer.

Invest in quality stylers


If you use curling irons and hair straighteners to manage your locks, you should know how to use them properly in order to keep your hair healthy and undamaged. One of the main rules to memorise is to never use hair stylers immediately after drying your hair. A few hours should go by so that all the moisture from your hair can evaporate. That way, you won’t excessively burn the hair. On top of that, invest in stylers with heat-protecting properties that will be gentle on your strands.

Don’t wash your hair too often

Wash less

How often do you wash your hair? Twice, three times a week, maybe? It’s too much. Not to mention that washing it every day is beyond detrimental. Your scalp needs time off, so you shouldn’t wash your hair more than once a week. Be sure you wash it with lukewarm instead of hot water. That will allow for the scalp to stay hydrated enough and not produce too much sebum. When it comes to washing, be sure you shampoo your scalp and scrub it thoroughly. Only allow for the shampoo to slide over the lower section of your hair and let the conditioner do the trick for it. Choose the conditioner for your hair type and apply it to the bottom part of your hair, avoiding the scalp.

Having flawless hair has never been easier. While it may seem daunting at first, all it takes for you to have gorgeous locks is to properly maintain them. Visit your hairdresser regularly, use proper hair products, sleep on silk, and use quality hair stylers to prevent damaging your hair. After that, you’ll never have to worry about having damaged or dull hair because your locks will look stunning.

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