Top Frequently Asked Questions About Colostomy Bag And Wraps

If you’ve just undergone a colostomy surgery and have been told to get some colostomy accessories by your doctor, you are in the right place.

I have just picked some of the most asked questions about colostomy bags and colostomy bag wraps and have answered each one in detail.

Let’s get started.

Question 1; What Is A Colostomy Wrap

Also called a colostomy band by many, the colostomy wrap is a colostomy accessory that is worn by a colostomy patient around the surgery area to serve as a support to other colostomy accessories. It usually has one or two pockets where the supported colostomy accessory is held firmly and with comfort.

Question 2; How Do You Hide A Colostomy Bag?

If you think you’ll find it uncomfortable letting people see your pouch when you were it, here’s a simple trick that works. Wear your pouch under your clothing. Yes. to hide it even better, make sure the pattern on your colostomy bag aligns with the pattern on the dress you are wearing. Finally, when shopping for a new wardrobe post-surgery, make sure your pant is a waist bigger and your shirt likewise to accommodate the pouch when worn underneath.

Question 3; Can You Take A Shower With A Colostomy Bag

Wearing and offing your pouch over and over again may turn out a big work. If you’d rather wear your pouch into the bathroom and bath with it on, there’s no problem with that. However, it is more advisable to discard your pouch before entering the bathroom. Doing so will prevent the adhesives from sticking too hard or becoming impossible to remove from your body.

Question 4; Does A Colostomy Bag Stink?

Yes, it does. As the bowel has been removed, it’s only normal to perceive some funny smells from there. But you can minimize the odor by using a pouch that has filters and by applying deodorants. And…you should also endeavor to empty your pouch regularly. But…

Question 5; How Many Times A Day Do You Empty A Colostomy Bag?

Like I mentioned earlier, empty your pouch regularly. But specifically, you should do it 6-12 times in every 24hours if you want to avoid skin infections and odor.

Question 6; Is Having A Colostomy Bag Considered As A Disability

Successful cancer surgery is great. But it equally leaves you with a lot of dealings with colostomy bags and wraps. If you think that gives approval for benefits by the SSA, you think wrong. Your colostomy bag won’t get you considered as a disability.

Question 7; Can You Wear Jeans With Colostomy Bag?

Yes. But always switch for either khaki jeans that are not tight-fitting. You can also go for low-rise denim jeans and complete them with a shirt that aligns with the pattern of your pouch and wrap.

Question 8; Can You Swim With Your Colostomy Pouch

Not all pouches though. Some pouches are specially made for swimming. Purchase any of those and support it with your colostomy bag wraps for more athletic movements in the pool.

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