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8 Best Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedrooms should be clutter-free, minimalistic, and peaceful. If your bedroom is boiling over with things, here are 8 simple, effective, and affordable ideas to clean it up. We’ll discuss how you can maximize the space you have and get cheap storage units if you need to. Let’s begin!

1. Maximize or extend your closet space

If you don’t have space for your third-favourite outfit, and you’re worried you’d have to abandon it to storage units, you should use your available closet space smartly and rescue your outfit. You can make the most of your closet by using a hanging rack for clothes, keeping accessories in baskets, and stacking up shoes using shelves. 

If now your fourth-favourite outfit is looking at storage units, you can rescue it by extending your closet space. Do this by simply hanging a clothes rack in an unused corner of your room. 


Here’s another pro-tip: put some hooks behind the clothes rack in your closet to fully utilize its potential. Anything hang-able and infrequently used can go on those hooks without cluttering up your room. 

By the way, consider buying hooks in bulk. When space is running out, hooks can be used to make excellent use of all that empty wall-space your room has!

2. Turn your bed into a storage unit 


Beds can take up an enormous amount of space in a room, but if used wisely, can provide you with substantial extra space. If you buy a bed with drawers underneath it, you can get yourself many little storage units. You might want to store rarely-used items in those drawers to save the hassle of pulling them out repeatedly. 

Alternatively, you can invest in a Murphy bed. Murphy beds can be folded and stacked up against the wall during the daytime, and while they don’t provide storage, they can certainly make your room feel spacious. 

Newest Design China hidden wall bed Supplier, Modern Murphy Wall Bed #murphybed


If, however, you can’t say goodbye to your current bed, you can adapt it to serve as tiny storage units by getting a headboard that has space for items like books and magazines. Many of your small items can be easily stored this way. Another idea to improve your current bed is to add risers to it. Risers are cheaper than a new bed or a headboard and can turn the space under your bed into a considerable storage unit. Some risers even serve as charging stations for your gadgets!

bedroom organization ideas-bed risers with outlet and usb port | Bed Riser  #decor #homedecor #bedroom #furniture #bedriser #mattressnut


3. Shelve it up

There’s only one thing better than cheap storage units, and that’s free storage units. Get yourself some free storage units by shelving up your walls, which are most probably standing useless right now. 

You have two options here. The first is to install shelves around the perimeter of your room, just below the ceiling. If that doesn’t sound aesthetically pleasing to you, you can install shelves on the wall around your bed. These shelves will provide you extra space and serve as a pretty frame for your bed. 

cool Murphy bed setup


4. Use suitcases to make a nightstand

DIY Decor: Stacked Vintage Suitcase Nightstand | 17 Apart


This is so brilliant because you don’t have to “make” anything. Just stack two or three suitcases up, and you’ll kill two birds with one stone. If you’re unable to find cheap storage units for all the extra, useless stuff you have, this vintage nightstand can be an excellent housing option for that. Atop the suitcases will go things that usually go on nightstands.

5. Store trash in a tilting cabinet

Trash Can cabinet Tilt out Trash Bin Trash Bin Cabinet | Etsy


If there’s one thing you can’t send to storage units, it’s trash. Even a small, innocuous dustbin can quickly start to look ugly if you have a small room. To get around that, get a tilting cabinet and put your dustbin inside it. That way, it won’t clutter your room, and you won’t be reminded of its presence 24/7. You can use the tilting cabinet as you wish — as a nightstand if you don’t like the vintage one from our suitcase idea, or a makeup counter if you do!

6. Hang your bicycles


While it might sound pretty macabre (and crazy), it’s a brilliant idea! If you live in an apartment without a basement, or if (for some reason) you like your bicycles to be in your presence all the time, look up some DIY tutorials and hang your bicycles to the ceiling.

7. Store bed sheets under the bed

You can buy all the storage units in the world, but you’ll still run out of space if you don’t store your stuff smartly. To store bed sheets smartly, keep them under the mattress. Make sure you fold the sheets properly and store them near your bed’s foot, so they don’t wake you up from your dreams.

8. Find yourself some cheap storage units


Let’s be honest. Your room size might be a part of the problem, but the fact that you’ve way more stuff than you need also contributes to your storage woes. If you still have stuff cluttering up your room after following all the other ideas in this list, don’t be compelled to adjust it because that would be counter-productive. It’s time to either discard it or store it away in some cheap storage units. 

Cheap storage units are great for storing the stuff you might need back one day — they’re light on the pocket and can hold a substantial number of things. But the problem is, it’s not easy to find cheap storage units — there are a million companies out there offering storage services. Make your life easier by using The Self Storage Outlet, which will find you cheap storage units based on your requirements, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to. 

Another problem with storage units is that you have to transport your stuff yourself. To get around this, use bySTORED, which in addition to cheap storage units, offers to collect your things from your doorstep and deliver them back whenever you need them. 

And that’s about it! Remember to reassess what needs to be in your bedroom. Once you do that, follow these ideas to effectively store those items and relegate others to a storage unit!

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