Top Five Things You Should Never Do in IT Process Management

Process management implies the processes involved in designing and implementing the process in an organization’s strategic goals. Among the processes in an organization, IT is one of the challenging fields. Unfortunately, IT is always misunderstood when it comes to automation. Because of this, the IT department is always the last for automation.

The IT department forms the best base for training and testing automated processes. In IT process management, many things could go wrong, and most mistakes come from the manager in charge. Below are some of the mistakes that one should avoid in IT process management at all times.

Staff isolation

Each IT staff has a speciality in a particular IT task and IT process improvement. Some of the staff may be good at implementing software, while others may be good at repairing and fixing hardware.

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that it is wise to allow each staff to work on their specific area of focus.

You should let your team collaborate and explore what they can learn from one another when dealing with a certain problem or software upgrade. Provide shared tools to make collaboration easy while fixing a problem in real-time. Additionally, bring in a collaboration effort if there are multiple discipline-related issues.

Make assumptions about using new tech

Like all departments, the IT department has some things that don’t require new technology. Thanks to technology, IT process management can be challenging if there isn’t a solid process in place. For example, diagramming or documenting the process on the whiteboard or paper can be a substantial first step in having things in order.

It is great to start by evaluating all the options and alternatives before spending money on new software or technology for efficient ticketing. Most IT processes have a simple alternative that does not involve the installation of new tech.

Operating on inefficient workflow

The biggest challenge in IT process management is that even the managers are not sure if the process and workflows will work in their favour. While IT process management receives many ad-hoc requests, they don’t see the value of adding any workflow management software.

Regardless of workflows, they always work, whether it is developing something new or servicing electronic devices. It is important to provide a structured workflow for their tasks.

The workflows in play need to be efficient since inefficient and slow workflows cannot upgrade IT process management.

Solving problems too quickly

For IT process management, problem-solving requires time since there is always an underlying issue in IT. This means that solving it too quickly can be catastrophic. It is more upsetting and disappointing to solve a problem quickly as it’s on the surface, and later on, the same problem or even a worse one occurs.

It is important to be sure the current issue is solved, but you will be monitoring the issue if something emerges. In IT process management, it is crucial to identify, review and analyse a problem instead of solving it too quickly and pass it on.

Using technology speak

The IT world uses different terminology to refer to different things for the exact words used to mean something else in other departments. It is important to define terminology properly among non-IT and IT teams. This will help in proper and efficient communication in the whole organisation. Miscommunication with IT process management can result in more problems than remedies.

Working with less detail is another dangerous mistake one needs to avoid at all costs. Therefore, a form with lots of space to fill in these details can help in the initial request. This will allow faster and better communication and efficient ticketing in resolving new issues.

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