Top 9 garage door opener apps for iPhone iOS

With the advancements and increasing popularity of smart phones. The app makers has started making apps which are making our life more easier and comfortable. Now you can open and close the door to your garage with a swipe of your finger, sounds Amazing? You can also receive alerts on your phone when the garage is open or closed and even you can turn lights on and off of your garage with just you phone. So today we are talking about some garage door opener apps for Iphone which are very simple and can perform these tasks from your iPhone. The apps and systems discussed below makes garages easily manageable from anywhere.

garage door opener apps for iphone

Top 9 garage door opener apps for iphone

#1 My Door Opener App for iOS

This is the new item in the garage door opener apps for iphone. My Door Opener app is simple tool to take full advantage of the powerful new iOS . My door opener is a perfect tool for garage and home automation. After installing My Door garage door opener apps for iphone, user can  use it as a control hub for remote control of things like your security system so that you can disable the system when your kids come home from school.

my door garage door opener apps for iphone

This  app also provide a facility to send text alerts to your iPhone when your garage door is opened. If you like, the app can also control your fireplace and ceiling fans. The My Door Opener app can be purchased at the iTunes store and you’ll need to visit the company’s website to find the requisite hardware and assembly instructions. Installation of this product involves circuit board controllers, relays and internet connection.


#2  NiOGarage App for iOS

This is affordable garage door opener apps for iphone with WiFi garage door kit. The maker of this app believe that you shouldn’t be using the bulky and expensive hardware for your garage automation. Their system can easily fit in your existing garage door opener and allows the members of your family to access your home through the NiOGarage app or their website,

NiOGarage App for iOS

Installation of NiOGarage is pretty simple, and very similar to setting up a wireless router (That’s sound better). The app is free and there are no monthly fees, but does require the purchase of a secure, Wi-Fi connected receiver through the company website. This app’s system user interface has large and bold icons.

#3 Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Openers App

Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Openers is a branded app in this list of garage door opener apps for iphone. This is a trust worthy app, which isn’t cheap obviously. But after the initial purchase there’s nothing else to buy. The Craftsman kit replaces your old door lift, giving you everything you need from the outset, thus eliminating the time-consuming hardwares.

garage door opener apps for iphone

With this app user can also send text alerts when your garage door is opened and can be configured to control house lights with ease. Their openers can be bought on their website. You will need an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet to use this app. Check the site to see whether your garage door opener is compatible and know frequently asked questions and warranty information.

garage door opener apps for iphone

#4 GarageMate App for iOS

With your phone you can only open your garage, No one else can open of close it without your phone. So if you want that only you can use your garage then this app is for you. As with most systems, a GarageMate app must be paired with a receiver communicating with your garage door opener.

garage door opener apps for iphone

The installation receiver takes less than five minutes and connection requires physical access to the garage door opener, so no one can hack or access the system remotely. the company will have an app for the iPhone. So with just a password-protected phone, no one can open the garage-door except for you, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

garage door opener apps for iphone

#5 Tap It Open App for iOS – removed

This is an another handy garage door opener apps for iphone and Android. The iPhone version is available on Cydia but you will have to jailbreak your device. TapItOpen Garage Door Opener allows you to open/close your garage door with your android or iphone. Simply download the app, connect the device, and tap to perform the desired action. For more info aabout app and requirements go to its website.

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#6 iSmart Gate App for iOS

With iSmartGate device you can control your garage door without internet connection, so you can open and close with your iphone through your local Wi-Fi. .This iPhone garage door opener lets you open your garage with Siri. You will need to get an iSmartGate device, download the app, and you are set. And remember No internet is required. iSmartGate can also be configured to switch On/Off light, alarms or open/close blinds.

garage door opener apps for iphone

#7 BTMate or GarageMate App for iOS

With this app you can open your garage using your Android or iPhone . The App requires purchase of a low cost GarageMate Receiver. You can buy the receiver from The receiver installs in minutes with only two wires to connect.  It works with most garage door openers, including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Genie, Sears Craftsman, AccessMaster, Raynor, and more.

#8 miDoor App for iOS

The miDoor apps allows a user to check and control the status of a garage door remotely when using a miDoor device. It uses WiFi to connect to your network. It has multiple types of alarms, so you will know when your garage door is activated unexpectedly. Works with gates and lets you set up multiple user-profiles. The event logger feature is a plus.

miDoor App for iOS

#9 SecuRemote App for iOS

SecuRemote is not just a garage door opener apps for iphone. It is a complete access management system. To purchase a SecuRemote device, or for more info, visit This has apps available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. You can add up to 5 users to control your garage door. The receiver has a 60-100 foot range.

garage door opener apps for iphone

Ok, these are the top used garage door opener apps for iphone If you know some better garage door opener apps for iphone. Please share them with me below in the comment area. Thank you for reading.

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