7 Top Tips To Create The Best Business Proposal

Creating a business proposal is a critical step when starting a new venture. A business proposal is the sales document that offers solutions to a client’s problem. However, not every business proposal puts your company’s best foot forward. There are many aspects you need to consider before you can generate the best business proposal. If you are going to work on a client’s digital marketing strategy, you should present a compelling campaign to get their attention. When it comes to creating a digital marketing & SEO proposal, you should think about your client’s needs carefully.

It may seem daunting at first, so given below are some of the best tips you can utilize in creating a winning business proposal.

Definition Of A Business Proposal

Before you can generate this document, you need to understand what a business proposal is. In general, you create a business proposal as an offer of services that are tailored to a specific client. A business proposal is not the same as a business plan. A business plan presents your company’s operational and financial objectives. Meanwhile, a business proposal is a document detailing how your company can cater to the needs of the client.

It is critical that while creating a business proposal, you should have thorough knowledge of what your client needs. This will enable you to clearly indicate how your services can benefit the client. In this case, digital marketing and SEO services offer campaigns or strategies for how clients can increase their revenue through online channels. The business proposal must clarify how you can help raise their sales through digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Tips On Creating A Successful Business Proposal

1. Your Writing Style Matters

 The way you write your business proposal shows your talent in engaging and persuading your client to opt for your services. Aside from that, your goal is also to educate the client about who you are as a company and how your services can help them grow their business. Here are some essential tips you should keep in mind:

 2. Be persuasive and realistic

Since your business proposal is intended to sell your company and its services, you should adopt a compelling tone. It should convince the client how your solution to their issues is more effective as compared to your competitors. You must use strong and convincing language when you present your solution.

Although you want to convince your client to hire your company, you should be realistic as well. You must not pose as if you have the solution to all of their problems. You should only include accurate information and provide them with clarity and confidence. Do not over-promise on deliverables to your client in order to win a bid. If you do so, results are likely to be under-delivered, and you may fail to meet their expectations.

3. Keep it short

7 Top Tips To Create The Best Business Proposal

Your clients are also busy business people. Being precise and concise is essential in a business proposal. Only use specific terms to point out your strategy and desired results. When you keep everything straightforward, your client will clearly understand what you want to say. Your business proposal must include all the relevant and required information. Avoid unnecessary words and sentences that do not add value to your audience.

4. Have Adequate Knowledge About Your Audience

The language and style of your business proposal must be adequate for the type of people that are going to read it. For example, you are offering SEO and digital marketing services, but your prospective investors are not that familiar with the process yet. You must avoid using jargon and acronyms that won’t be familiar to them. It will help if you constantly keep your clients in mind. Keep your explanations simple and direct while using terms that everybody can understand.

5. Provide A Strong Marketing Plan

Since your proposal will focus on digital marketing and SEO services, you should also focus on the quality of your campaign. A strong marketing proposal must include details on achieving the following objectives:

  • Introducing the client’s new products
  • Extending the market for the client’s existing products
  • Boosting the sales of a product that is specified by the client
  • Possibility of raising prices of a particular product
  • Looking into content marketing strategies
  • Enhancing customer experience

A strong marketing plan in your proposal will indicate how you will implement solutions for every objective. It would help if you can highlight why these solutions are appropriate for your client and how they differ from the competition. An impressive business proposal for digital marketing campaigns must focus on the plans and implementation of the actions you propose. Do not forget to add a section where you indicate budgets for every activity so that the client will have a clear picture of how much they would have to invest in the campaigns.

6. Don’t Be Intimidated While Writing Your Proposal – Always Sound Confident.

Writing a business proposal might seem intimidating as you need to convince your clients to choose your services. However, do not let that show in your plan and the way you present your business ideas to them. In reality, the majority of business owners are not actually business experts. Like you, they are also learning about different strategies to increase the revenues of their business.

Since you are an expert in your business, your business proposal should have a tone that conveys your expertise in your services and how these can help your clients. When you explain how knowledgeable you are in your own business, this will give an impression to your clients that you know what you are talking about.

7. Always Answer The Question: Why Should They Choose You?

An impressive business proposal does not just highlight how great your company is and how you can increase revenue. The best business proposal highlights how your services can make your client’s company great. Why should they choose your digital marketing campaign? How are you different from others? These questions must be answered in your business proposal.

You can show how your past campaigns proved successful for your other clients. Showcase how your unique services can resolve your client’s problems and why they should trust you.


Creating the best business proposal can be very intimidating. Persuading clients to choose your services is a critical task for any business owner. However, just like you, your clients are also looking out for their own business interests. You must ensure that your services are needed for their business to succeed.

Be mindful of the tone and style of writing you use as these can affect how the business proposal is perceived. Apart from that, it would help if you did some research regarding your clients so that you will know what style and choice of words is appropriate. Lastly, always sound confident, and don’t feel intimidated while creating your proposal.

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