Tips on Optimizing An Existing Landing Page For Holiday Shoppers

Did you know e-commerce businesses get 30% more revenue during the holiday season than non-holiday season times? As these statistics show, the holiday season brings a goldmine opportunity for e-commerce. Therefore, many businesses opt for e-commerce web development services to build their websites and sell online during the holiday season.

When there is a lot of e-stores doing their best to woo every customer, the competition becomes quite stiff during the holiday season. Also, the attention span of holiday shoppers is limited due to plenty of sales options and offers. So, winning over your competitors might seem difficult but it’s not. Smart optimization of the landing page of your e-commerce website is a way to get an edge over your rivals. 

In this post, we will discuss landing pages and how you can optimize your existing landing page for holiday shoppers. 

What are landing pages and why they are used?

A landing page is an independent web page which is specifically created for advertising campaign or marketing purposes. It’s the page where someone lands after clicking on Google AdWords or similar ads. These pages provide some special offers, deals, and information in exchange for providing contact information by visitors. Landing pages are not magical wands that you can swirl in the air to turn every visitor into a customer in a jiffy. Rather they are effective tools for driving traffic, increasing conversion rate and achieving some other marketing goals. A landing page is distinct from the home page or any other page and it is designed to serve a single and focused purpose.    

How to optimize your landing page?

As discussed above landing pages are quite useful for increasing sales and driving more traffic. Website development company to build a new landing page for this holiday season. If you have an existing landing page, you can reap higher benefits with this page by optimizing it for the holidays. Below are tips on how you can optimize your exiting page to drive more holiday shoppers to your site. 

Review your offers and promos

First of all, rethink your offers and promos for holiday shoppers as things like “15% off on…”, “Free shipping on orders above…” or anything else like this may not work effectively. This is because, during the holidays, shoppers are bombarded with a lot of sales offers and deals everywhere so they become accustomed to such things, hence they have little impact on shoppers’ interests. Apart from this, your competitors may also provide similar perks. You need a new way of thinking for promotions to boost your sales during the holiday season. Deals like “Buy one get one”, “Spend more, save more”, product bundling, etc are some of the ways you can attract shoppers.

Check the call-to-action button

A call to action or CTA is the best way to motivate your visitors to take a step towards becoming a subscriber or client. It can be a determinant between leads and conversions. When you hire a web development company to create your site, they add different elements on your site including CTAs and usually found on forms, contact us page, product pages, and home page. Make sure that there is a clear call to action button with the right shape and size to convince users to click on it. Also, ensure that the text on the CTA is compelling. 

Make landing page mobile-optimized

You may have heard about optimizing your landing page for mobile devices, but haven’t done it yet. This is the time that you now optimize your exiting landing page for mobile devices. Look for the right responsive website development company to make your landing page mobile optimized. Optimizing the landing page for mobile devices is a great push for your holiday campaign.    

Use holidays-based colors and themes

Incorporating holiday-specific images and themes on your landing page can be useful to attract visitors and boost conversion. They bring the spirit of holidays on your web page and provide a way to celebrate the festivals with your visitors. Add attractive colors, images, and fonts that make your web page look awesome. Do not overwhelm your site with too many colors, fonts, and images, simply add resources that will offer a pleasing holiday season appearance. 

Remove distractions from the page

The purpose of a landing page is to direct customers to the desired action and convince them. So, the page should be free of distractions and there should be a clear path to the desired action. 

Simple and short forms are sweet 

Customized web design enables you to create custom landing pages that suit your needs. When it comes to optimizing your landing page, one thing that you should keep in mind that the forms on your landing page should be simple and short. Do not create a lengthy form with too many fields or ask too much information from your visitors lest they should leave your site in a moment. Most visitors don’t like finding themselves filling up a long-form, so keeping a contact form on your landing page short and simply makes sense. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to driving more traffic to your site or increasing sales, a landing page is a panacea which helps you achieve your goals. There are innumerable web design services providers who can help you build better landing pages. However, if you wish to optimize your existing landing page for this holiday season, there are numerous factors that you need to consider for optimizing the page. We discussed some of the necessary factors that you have to consider for landing page optimization. Hope that you will find the above points useful. However, if you want to re-design your landing page or want to create a new landing page for your next marketing campaign, then choose the best website development company to get top-notch services.      

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