3 Things to keep in mind before launching your business site

Have you ever wondered, or thought what customers see when they first land on the homepage of a business website? Perhaps no!

Two internet researchers from the University of Science and Technology in Mississippi did an in-depth study on the above query with the help of eye-tracking software. Their founding suggests that website elements: content, images, logo, user-navigation panel, search box, social media icons, and the bottom of the web page, make the biggest impression on the visitors of a website.

And, in fact, decides whether they will hang on a trade site to buy something or not. Therefore, in today’s era, a business website is a sales manager (of online businesses) which can make or break a deal! Here are top three things to keep in mind before launching your commerce website:

1. Keep it simple

Do you ever like to revisit a showy website having a complicated navigation panel, flashy massively unattractive to the eyes images, content congestion? Or, a website which is well laid, a proper navigation bar, and having a clutter-free design? The second is probably a better choice to bookmark! And, many studies and surveys around the globe are also on the same page!
Dan Veltri, the co-founder of Weebly suggests that a website with 5 to 10 pages is enough to serve the purpose of any trade website. A search box in the right corner, 5 menu navigation panel, and high-quality images in the landing page are some of his valuable advice.

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2. Contact us form

A good commerce site has the ability to drive a lot of sales inquiries on the website or over the phone call, but it can only do that if your customers can reach you! In simple words, a proper, easy to fill the contact-us form is a must for every site which deals with clients. Also, a great gesture to have a write-us form for your non-profit blog.

Just about any free contact form template with one or two basic fill up blocks will not give that essential customer details you need to set up a monthly marketing campaign report and plan accordingly. Online form template professionals are just a call, or an email away to crack the above deadlock. As, they have the experience and the knowledge to the program contact form for your specific need.

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3. Adding Quality Images

An image worth more than a thousand of words! Right?  So how come business websites are not its preys? For your commerce site, you require uploading high-resolution pictures; must not illustrate any controversial content, and should not be copyright images of others.

A search engine crawls a website top to bottom and left to right to left. But, don’t have the eyes of the humans to see the pictures, make this downbeat of the search engines a plus for you. How? SEO-friendly images having your targeted keywords in the alt tag will be a great boost up to your search engine optimization strategy. You may not realize this, but images can bring tons of traffic to a website.

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The above are some rule of thumb when comes to making your business website user-friendly. And, at the same time allure your visitor to make a purchase of a service or a product from your site.

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