The Possible Outcomes of a Car Accident Case

There are more car accidents today than ever before in history. This is due to more road cars and less road safety education. One of the most disturbing statistics regarding road accidents comes from the sunshine state of Florida. There are more than a thousand road accidents on the roads of Tampa, Florida, and most are often severe and fatal. This is why the city has some of the most experienced car accident attorneys who can help you with the case and relevant compensation. If you were in a car accident in Tampa, you would have to deal with the mounting expenses, such as medical bills, which you can recover if you hire a lawyer.

Insurance Company

You can meet with the insurance company and consider the offer they are willing to pay as compensation. However, the insurance company only cares about what is best in their interest and will probably offer less than what you should get. This is where an experienced attorney will play their part. They know how to deal with insurance companies, and if you push for an out-of-court settlement, they can be your best tool for getting the proper compensation. 

File a Case in Court 

If the insurance company is not giving the right offer, you can hire an attorney and take the case to court. An attorney can adequately estimate the compensation you must be given to cover your bills for recovery and the troubles you will face due to the accident. However, you must remember that accident cases in court take anywhere between 1-4 years to settle; therefore, you must remain patient and let the attorneys do their job. 

Receiving Compensation

Suppose the other party or the person guilty of the accident was found to be drunk or intoxicated. In that case, their insurance company will have to compensate more than what they should have paid if their client wasn’t drunk as a penalty and violation of the law. This can also result in jail time for the offender in addition to paying for the damages. However, you must prove your complete innocence for such a favorable outcome. This can be done by keeping accurate medical records, recording eyewitness statements, and gathering irrefutable evidence. 

Losing the Case

If a statement from another witness of the accident differs from yours, the injuries will be tested. If the pieces of evidence provided by you do not convince the authorities, you might be disappointed by the result. 

Pursuing Nothing 

If you haven’t been injured by an accident and your car has been slightly damaged, you don’t need to pursue compensation or drag this case to court. Instead, you can ask the person who was at fault to get your car fixed, and you can resolve the matter without legal involvement. In most minor car accidents, usually, insurance companies of both parties will negotiate the compensation amount without going to the trial. 

These are a few but the most common outcomes of a car accident case in Tampa, Florida. However, it is advised that once you get involved in such an accident, try to remain calm and seek guidance from your attorney to obtain the best possible outcomes. 

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