The Most Cost-efficient Music Promotion Strategy Ever

Every musician wishes to enter Hollywood as soon as possible. While traditionally, musicians grew by selling hard records to their listeners, the internet has flipped the scenario for newcomers.

Reaching out to the relevant audience has never been the way it is now. People can search for anything and download the desired music onto their devices directly. Music companies that identified the tremendous potential of the internet soon adapted to the changing scenario and devised some of the best ever platforms for music promotions.

If you are also looking for a way to promote your music but don’t have the amount of capital to do so, here are a few tips for you to develop your strategy in the most cost-efficient way.

Start With Small Gigs

As a beginner, when you don’t have many followers, you should try to build them. But before you start with your promotional strategy, the very first step that you should take is to recognize the areas where you can improve.

Cost-efficient Music Promotion Strategy Ever

It is a well-known fact that there’s no better critic than the live audience. So, you should begin by
taking up small gigs at clubs or restaurants before the live audience. It has a dual benefit. You get to perform before a new audience, and you get to know where do you lack and where you need to improve.

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This would also help generate recognition for you. The more you perform before a live audience the better it is. Word of mouth is a strong medium of promotion and live performances can offer you just the same.

Once you think you have sufficient experience and are ready to move to the next step, you should think about it once more. Maybe you are rushing very fast. Here’s what you should do next.

Make Use Of Your Insta Profile To Reach Your Audience

The people you performed before may not listen to you the second time unless you are phenomenal. To ensure that they do, you can ask your audience to follow your Instagram profile. But make sure that you constantly keep it updated.

You can start with sharing the information of your upcoming gigs on your Instagram handle, your post-event glimpses, and teasers for your covers and originals. Stars like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Troye Sivan were all discovered through social media.

Social media can prove to be the most efficient tool in your promotional strategy. Make sure that you use it wisely. Indulge in this promotional tactic and within months you’d realize the potential that this powerful tool has.

As already said, you need to keep it updated. You should engage your audience on a regular basis. A smart way to do so could be to give your audience glimpses and not everything they wish to know about your gigs and your music in one go. This would keep them enthusiastically waiting for your next post and upcoming events.

Collaborate With Other Musicians

Once, you know that you have gathered enough capital to take your promotion to the next level, you can obviously reach out to a promotion company that can actually improve your chances of becoming the next Grammy awardee.

While hiring a promotion company can improve your strategy, this company would also suggest that you should collaborate with other musicians. It is solely your promotor’s responsibility to fetch you a good musician to collaborate with.

You should collaborate with the musicians that are at the same experience level as yours. This would make sure that you don’t have to share a major chunk of your gig income with your other partner. When your partner is also an aspirant like you, there are better chances of making something really extraordinary.

Both the creators can contribute their best efforts and benefit from the created piece of awesome music, equally.

Produce Your Music On Youtube

Producing music and distributing it to the desired audience needs a lot of investment in terms of time and capital. Time is something that almost every musician can dedicate readily, but what about money?

Breaking the traditional stereotype approach, there are plenty of platforms that offer you the opportunity to distribute your music to your audience, without spending a single penny. In fact, you can earn money through some of these channels. One of the most prominent ones amongst them is Youtube.

Becoming a musician on youtube can increase your chances of reaching to the mass number of relevant audience as well as gain you popularity while earning you income.

This simple but effective strategy can help you promote your music and hit the charts with minimal capital investment, sustainably.

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