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The Convenience Of CBD Pre Rolls

CBD Pre Rolls

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying your daily routine without all the hassle and effort of having to do the preparation first yourself, the convenience of ready-made items makes life that much easier,  and bearable if the weeks seem to be melting into one as mine are.

We find on-the-go meals, ready portioned and packaged snack boxes, or beverages that come with all the components bar water for you to throw together when you get to the office, so to discover that CBD (a staple of a product in our house, ready about it in this link for more information) is now available in ready and raring to go pre-rolled cigarettes is a joy. 

For me this is a great way to keep ‘tabs’ on employee smoke breaks, I am not a smoker personally, but I do have employees who are and I have nothing against it, but the time it takes between chatting for them to roll their smokes eats into my working time.

Now that the news of pre-rolls has hit the stands and they have become more efficient in getting their ‘fix,’ work production is fluid and staff morale is up. It’s a win-win.

Roll-ups versus cigarettes.

Essentially the vast difference between the two is the fact that in most cases the person smoking has to put his smoke together himself. 

These are done by hand which I’ve seen some people perfect in lightning speed, clearly from plenty time spent rolling them, or by little handheld machines where you would lay the paper on a conveyor belt mechanism, fill it with your ‘ingredient’ and twist the handle to perfectly roll into a cigarette shape.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to size or shape or form, we have a customer at the local pub who says he will never smoke a machine rolled cigarette again because it is packed so tightly and perfectly.

I think he just enjoys the aspect of getting his little tin out, licking the paper and carefully (sometimes that is, by the end of a ‘good night’ there is a handful of ‘herbs’ on the floor around his stool) rolling it to his desired shape. Each to their own as my granny likes to quote.

Take a quick visit here for a look at pre-rolled CBD smokes and how people have come to enjoy not only the convenience of the process but the look of them, they are now easier than ever to locate what with shops and local stores stocking up on what is becoming this season’s most popular health kick.

You no longer need to spend hours shopping online and surfing what critics like to call the ‘dark web,’ a simple search engine will bring results in no time, your local supplier may be closer than you think. Yes, please. 

Cigarettes, on the other hand, come neatly packaged, all in uniform formation like soldiers lined up for battle and you only need to pop open the box and light it up, the only small downside of this convenience naturally is that you pay for efficiency. Some don’t mind giving that bit extra if it means they can get on with their life as usual with no long breaks needed. 


Is CBD a better alternative?

If you are comparing it to hardcore drugs or the tobacco industry then yes for sure, being a natural and organic product, free from harsh chemicals and toxins, what better way to continue smoking than a method that isn’t coating your lungs with black tar.

CBD has been around for many centuries, dating back to the reign of early Chinese Emperors and English Royals, see some CBD history in this article for an interesting read, but ideally, when using CBD that is free from THC you are on the right track to a better quality of life. 

THC is the psychoactive component in the marijuana plant which causes the ‘high’ feeling you get and hallucinations, a CBD product with 0.3% and less of this element, is what makes it a great all-rounder for the whole family to enjoy the benefits. 

If you don’t want to quit smoking, this way is not only healthier, but safer, and now comes pre-rolled, what more could you want?

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