8 Reasons Why Humans Need Consistent Brain Stimulation

Humans cannot be fully happy without having a certain level of mental stimulation. Some people use drugs; others use alcohol, meditation, and other practices to stimulate their brains. The thing is, however, that these methods of brain stimulation can have devastating effects on our mental and physical health as a whole. Some examples of the negative effects of these stimulants are addiction, hallucinations, or even suicide ideation, among many other possibilities. Here are some reasons why humans need that consistent brain stimulation: 

1. Improved Memory

The human brain requires consistent stimulation to function properly. Without constant stimulation, our memories will slowly deteriorate. The parts of your brain that are responsible for imagination, concentration, and focus will slowly decay over time as a result of not having enough stimulation.

2. Better Decision-Making Abilities

One out of every three adults in the United States has at least one close friend or family member that suffers from depression regularly. The main cause of this depression is the lack of mental stimulation. We all like to think that we have some control over our lives and can make the right choices when faced with any situation. The truth is, however, that most of the time, someone else is making the decisions for us.

3. Improved Attention Span

The more you stimulate your brain, the better you will be able to pay attention. In the modern age of technology, we are all so heavily dependent on our devices and social media sites that we often find ourselves constantly distracted from what’s happening in real life. A study by Professor Hanly at Iowa State University showed that the more you stimulate your brain, your attention span also improves.

4. Improved Learning Abilities

Most have heard at least once that learning something new can be difficult and impossible without proper mental stimulation. It is true, but most don’t know that the brain can learn many things just through repetition or repeating something over and over again.

5. Increased Intelligence and Cognitive Skills

One of the major functions of the human brain is to give us access to information that we would otherwise not be able to obtain on our own. It is called insight. Insight is knowing what your brain tells you without thinking about it consciously. It is essential for many professions like doctors, lawyers, scientists, and military personnel. When you stimulate your brain with consistent external stimuli, you can bring new insights to anything you are working on.

6. Improved Mood

One of the greatest benefits of brain stimulation is that it improves your mood in a very direct way. Many people struggle with depression or anxiety regularly; this can often be traced back to being disconnected from their instincts which often tell them how they should feel at any moment. When we are not connected to our natural impulses, it can often lead to massive depression and anxiety. When you stimulate your brain, you can release natural chemicals into your body that can help you feel better by making you happier, more focused, and more productive.

7. Increased Awareness and Independence

With the ability to explore things on your own, life as we know it evolved in the way it has. Major developments such as the wheel, agriculture, and language have all been revolutionary technologies that came about when our brains were fully stimulated. When you stimulate your brain, your awareness and independence levels also improve. You will feel freer to explore new possibilities and develop new ideas.

For example, LIFTiD tDCS devices can travel with you all day, keeping your brain stimulated and enabling it to learn new things you may encounter. The more your brain can continue learning and growing, the better decisions you will make, and the more your independence level will improve.

8 . Increased Security

When it comes to self-defense, our brains are programmed to recognize danger when faced with a challenge that requires quick thinking. It is called the “fight or flight” response. When we are faced with potential threats, it’s the job of our brain to detect what the best course of action would be.


It’s very clear that humans need a certain level of brain stimulation to feel happy and make good decisions. Without it, we risk losing our independence, our ability to retain information, and many other very important things.

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