Clever Ways for Bloggers to Stay in Their Best Health

Being a blogger has its own merit and demerits. You are your own boss and in complete control of what you choose to do, and when?

You can be out and about, shopping your new dress when rest of the crowd is toiling 9-to-5, or you could be bussy typing and sipping your mocca when the rest of the world is sleeping. Its entirely up to you.

But often staying in great health can prove challenging when you have the freedom to decide when to work and when to rest. More often than not, bloggers find themselves working long hours or at least spending great deal of time on their laptops at their desk or on their favourite beenbag.

Staggering deadlines and unpredictable schedules can make it hard to stick to a schedule, for example following a regular workout regime like going to a gym everyday at a set time can be overwhelming. Sedentry lifestyle can be very dangerous for health. According to a study, sedentarylifestyle and dietary habits can even change your body mass index (BMI).

 Bloggers and frelancers spend most of their time in front of computers sitting at one place, which is not a very good thing from health perspective. It is extremely important to follow a dedicated fitness routine that is consistent with your lifestyle.

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Time away from work can boost your productivity and improve your health Working 16 hours a day, cutting out all social activities can be sustainable only till the realty of mental and physical limits strikes. This kind of lifestyle is common among bloggers and frelancers, but it’s a bad habit that can adversely impact your business, health, and even the life you are working towards.

It can lead to stress, fatigue and negative mood, making it harder for you to stay-on-task, stay focused and creatively solve problems, leading to burnout. Studies suggest that we have only limited pool of cognitive resource.

The best way to fill yourself with energy, creativity and focus that lead to success, is to dedicate a time each day for power walk. You burn100 calories by walking a mile, that means it also help you lose your weight or you can eat 100 calorie worth of icecream without worrying about putting on extra weight.

health and fitness for bloggers

What is power walk?

Have you every witnessed a scenario where you have been walking down a lane and suddenly struck with a brilliant idea. That’s a power walk. It could be strolling, brisk walking or jogging or any style of walking that you love doing and find yourself lost in your thoughts.

Best thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere. Moreover, since this exercise doesn’t require much thinking, you can use your mental power  into solving difficult problem,  while at the same time grow healthier and fitter.

Here are some other clever ways to stay active and make the most of your freedom:

Go out and about

You can play games that help you burn calories and raises your heart rate. You can even start practicing dancing or any other sports. It can be an excellent cardio exercise.

Workout from home

If going to gym is more of hassle (which is usually the case with bloggers and freelancers), why not workout from home. Never let the work be your excuse to miss your daily workout session. Invest in workout DVD and few pieces of fitness equipments. You can even use your body weight for an excellent workout when exercising from home.  Working-out from home can be fun and convenient way to stay on your track.

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While working out from home you can listen to podcast or watch youtube videos that will help you grow professionally or learn new skill sets. How many time do we find ourselves so bussy that we hardly have anytime to learn and grow.

This dentist in Keene also recommends that you complement consistent exercise with regular visits to medical professionals to keep your overall health in check. 

Staying Healthy as a Freelance Writer

Try something new

Signing up for new class or joining an indoor sports league is a great way to stay active and moving and make professional connection. When you start something new, it reignites motivation for fitness. Regardless of whether it is indoor volleyball, tennis lessons or even a bootcamp class, participating in a regular activity is a fantastic way to stay active and make some new friends or learn new skills.

Set new goals

Heat up things with challenging new goals. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is. It can be anything from losing your last 10 pounds to running 5K or it can even be doing a full pull-up. There are many ways to stay active while still being your own boss, but always make sure you stay safe no matter what you do.

Over to you

If any of the above workout ideas helped you, we would love to listen to you. You can also share your own ideas or things that you are doing to stay active in the below comment box. If we like your idea, we may feature you in next article. 

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