How to Choose a Temporary Staffing Agency for a Nonprofit Organization?

Do you own a nonprofit organization that is growing at a rapid pace? Or is your nonprofit firm handling several one-time projects for which you require some extra hands? Like every growing organization, a nonprofit firm requires temporary staffing from time to time. But the needs of the nonprofit establishment are quite different from the corporate world.  Regular staffing agencies that cater to the mainstream may not be able to understand these demands. That is why experts suggest that you opt for a nonprofit staffing agency to meet your temporary staffing needs.

Given that nonprofit organizations are rapidly growing in the US, several such agencies have come up. The essential question is -are all the agencies dependable? The answer is no. To help you choose the right temp staffing agency, here are a few points that you may consider:

Prior Experience with Nonprofit Firms

There are several staffing agencies that have recently begun catering to the nonprofit sector owing to the increased demand. Such agencies may not be able to understand your requirements completely. 

That is why, right at the onset, it is important to ascertain that the agency has prior experience of working in this line. When the agency is experienced, it becomes easier for you to explain your demands to them.

Sourcing Strategy of the Staffing Agency

One of the chief reasons for turning to a staffing agency for your requirements is because you want high-quality candidates. Staffing agencies are able to provide that because they source a vast pool of candidate profiles beforehand to meet their client needs. Different agencies use different strategies to source candidates. 

Understand what strategy a particular agency uses can be an excellent way to evaluate its business values and quality of service.

Time Factor

Opposed to permanent positions, when you require temporary staffing, you usually require a large number of candidates in minimal time. So agencies that have a long drawn process of selection and recruitment are not suitable for you. When you choose a temporary staffing agency, it is important to see that they are swift without compromising on quality.

Cost of Recruitment 

As a nonprofit organization, you may not have as many funds at your disposal as the corporate sector. Added to that, you will not want to invest a huge sum of money for a temporary recruit. So your budget or the cost of recruitment is also an essential factor. Different agencies charge different rates for recruitment. So go for one that fits your budget.

However, do not make cost the sole factor in the selection. Otherwise, you may miss out on the quality of recruits which is equally important.

Selection Procedure

If you depend on the staffing agency for the entire process, it is important that you go through their selection procedure. Through the selection procedure, you can ascertain that the candidates you recruit are precisely what you are looking for. Keeping these points in mind, you can easily make the right choice for your next significant temporary recruitment needs.

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