Simple And Effective Call-To-Action Examples That Will Make You Click

There are many times that people have signed up for things in their life. Like downloading Spotify, Dropbox, or Evernote. Every sign up they make is likely a result of an effective call-to-action.

According to many SEO experts, it is vital to lead the guests through the buying process using strategic CTA’s or call-to-action buttons to manage SEO and boost revenue. If the design of call-to-action buttons doesn’t attract attention,  most people would likely not sign up for those websites and apps.

To identify what is effective and what is not, here are some examples of call-to-actions that completely rock.

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Video Production

Sharing your medical video production is a great way to get your practice’s name out there. But while more people than ever are watching videos online, many people still don’t know how to market them effectively. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best call-to-action examples to help you get the results you want from your medical video marketing campaign.

You’ve probably heard it said that a good call-to-action will make all the difference when it comes to conversions. And it’s true. The right CTA can mean more clicks on your links, more shares and more views, which means more revenue for you. But what makes a good call-to-action? In short, it’s all about the words you use.

The average person is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each day. So if you want your message to stand out from the crowd, you need to use words that grab attention and inspire action. We’ve put together a list of our favorite call-to-action examples for medical video marketing to help you do just that.



Dropbox has been using a simple design that also has a lot of negative space. Even the graphics used on their homepage are straightforward and subtle.

Due to that negative space and simple design, the blue, call-to-action button which is “Sign up for free” stands out from everything else on the page.

Since the  Dropbox logo and call-to-action button have the same color, it is much easier for the guests to interpret this call-to-action button  as “Sign up for Dropbox.” It is an excellent example of an effective CTA.



People at Panthera are searching for users who care about wild cats across the globe and want to be in a group of people who also feel the same way.

For Panthera to get certain individuals to sign up, it is an excellent way for them to use speech that would communicate correctly to big cat lovers. To sign up, it says “Join the Journey of the Jaguar”. The homepage itself is just very dull. It’s an on-page form with a short overview about the website’s platform,  a jaguar, and a button asking people to join.



One of the fears that users worry about when committing to sign up for anything is the trouble they have to go through just to cancel their subscription if they don’t want it anymore. Netflix ends that fear for their users with the “Cancel anytime” phrase just on top of the “Join Free for a Month” call-to-action button.

That reassurance inevitably increased the sign ups. Also, the red color of the primary “Join Free for a Month” call-to-action buttons here is the same as the color of the logo of Netflix.



The people at Prezi are also using a minimalist type of design on their website. Aside from the dark background, the only other color supporting the predominately black and white color is a bright blue palette for their call to action button.

That bright blue color button located on the homepage of the website stands out. The primary call-to-action button is the “Try Prezi Next Free,” and the secondary CTA button is the “Get Started,” which both take guests to the same page for pricing.



From the OfficeVibe, there is a slide-in CTA that can immediately catch the attention of the users. If they scroll through a post on their blog, there is a banner slide-in located at the bottom of the page with a CTA button to subscribe to their blogs.

The excellent thing is that the slide-in tells people that they would be getting tips on how to become a better leader, which means that the offer was something that could make the visitors interested.

Full Bundle

full bundle.PNG

Full Bundle is just one of the companies which uses negative space to obtain their first Call-to-action pop. The black and white “Our Work” CTA button also stands out against the dark background. Their selection of call-to-action buttons is very amusing.

Stated that they mainly exist to extend customers’ online existences, it’s relevant for them to display their work and that is why most people are visiting their website.



The moment visitors land on the page, they can immediately understand the message which is “Remember Everything.” The design of the site on Evernote makes it very understandable for guests to quickly see the benefits of utilizing the app and how to sign up to use it.

Also, the color green “Sign Up For Free” primary call-to-action button is the same green color as the Evernote logo and the headline.



It is important to consider more than just the button itself to attain efficient call-to-action design. It is also very crucial to find elements like surrounding text, surrounding images, and the background color.

The people at Square are using a single image to display the clarity of using their product, where there is a “Get Started”call-to-action button waiting for a click. Also, the color of the total charge in the image and the color of the call-to-action button is the same, which makes the visitors understand what to expect if they click.


In the field of SEO marketing and any businesses, a call-to-action or CTA is a direction to the viewers to trigger an immediate response, typically using necessary verbs like “visit a store today,” “find out more,” or “call now.” A call-to-action is not only useful for e-commerce sites.

All websites should have a goal it wants the visitors to complete. Whether it is volunteering their time, signup for a newsletter, or filling in a contact form.

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