Should I Lease The Ford Transit Custom Sport?

The Ford Transit Custom Sport is one major body option within the Ford Transit Custom range, providing a faster and more nimble van choice that still offers all of the same features and attachments. But is it a vehicle worth leasing, either for business or personal use?

What does the Ford Transit Custom Sport offer?

Like all Ford Transit Custom models, the Ford Transit Custom Sport uses a reliable van body that can be customized and configured in a wide variety of different ways. However, the basic design of the Sport model means that it had some key differences compared to the others.

The Sport is meant to be suitable for both personal and business use and has a faster general design due to the improved suspension and better engine design. It also comes with cruise control, air conditioning, heated front seats, and other features that make the ride more comfortable.

Alongside that, there is the fact that the Sport still has all of the usual customization options, all of which can appear as rental or lease vehicles. You can easily lease a Ford Transit Custom Sport that has a specific configuration or a certain feature that you know you will need.

Which configurations and options are best?

There are so many different ways to customize a Ford Transit Custom that it can be hard to know what you will want to pick. For example, the Ford Transit Custom DCIV (Ford Transit Custom Double Cab in Van) completely overhauls the cab to give the vehicle a new, adjustable front.

Leasers can also get a range of wheelbase options, extra seating arrangements, back cab walls (or even models without walls at the back of the cab), and other extras. Each one of these can offer something new to an existing van but does not negatively impact performance or handling.

One of the most important options that you can choose relates to the rear area. The space can have seats, empty flooring, or seats that fold away and can even be converted into meeting areas with a built-in table. The height and length of the back can also vary, allowing for more storage space.

Is the Ford Transit Custom Sport a good vehicle to lease?

The Ford Transit Custom sport provides a good mixture of features while still being compatible with everything else in the Custom line, meaning that each lease can be unique. It also means that a company could build a fleet of vehicles that look the same but suit specialist roles.

Whether you are leasing one vehicle or ten for personal use or for a business, the Ford Transit Custom Sport has a lot of great advantages and no real downsides. It is still a Ford Transit Custom, so it comes with all of the same benefits and plenty of extra options.

You can use sites like compare individual designs and configurations, allowing for more control over what you lease and how much you are paying for individual vans. It can also help when trying to build a fleet of them for a single company.

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