Secrets of Highly Happy Child: Every Parent Need to Know

Being there for your kid is a lot more than cooking for them, paying school fees, or dropping them at school. Your child also needs your presence and love. Sadly, many parents are too busy and lack enough time with their kids. They fail to understand that happiness matters a lot to kids, and it’s the role of parents to make children comfortable and satisfied.

Below are simple yet unique ways to make your child happier:

1. Happy kids eat healthily. 

The type of food that your child feeds on defines how healthy they are. Kids fed on wholesome foods are likely to stay healthy and fall sick less often. Moreover, healthy kids are happier and exude more confidence. However, feeding should be consistent and done at intervals; this recharges your child’s body and brain.

Kids tend to experience high levels of happiness when satisfied and calm. So, feed your child with lots of fruits, veggies, and natural foods. If you’re not sure where to get fresh baby food, visit for organic baby food delivery. You’ll get the right food, designed for your child’s needs.

2. Happy kids play outdoors

Play is, no doubt, a good thing for kids; it’s one of the great ways to make your child happier. In the past, it was easy to spot kids playing in the mud or climbing trees, and no one bothered. Nowadays, kids are bound in houses with different toys and big TV screens. Play is essential for kids, and it’s better if done outside.

Natural scents from cut grass, pine trees, and other plants can significantly boost your child’s mood, and this makes it a great idea to have your child read his or her favourite book outside!

What makes a happy childhood? Playing outside is an excellent way of making kids active and happy. Outdoor sporting also enhances a child’s social skills. Kids who spend most of their time playing outdoors are more empathetic with high levels of self-control, which are essential social skills. 

3. Happy children maintain healthy relationships

Kids with close relationships with parents and peers are likely to be more fulfilled. But, this is more of a vicious cycle; happy kids can quickly form healthy relationships with peers and stand to gain from these relations. The more content they are, the higher the chances of creating more connections.

Moreover, kids who associate well with parents feel supported due to the assurance that they can always count on their parents when faced with challenging situations. If your child has fewer friends, you should step in and encourage it. You can do this by planning sleepovers or inviting other kids over for play-dates.

4. Happy kids get adequate sleep

Sleep has many health benefits on kids. Kids who sleep sufficiently have improved memory and are likely to recall things learned. Sleep also renews your child’s body and brain and regenerates their growth hormones. Although some kids sleep better than others, happy kids are likely to have healthy sleep habits. Resting well also helps them to wake up refreshed and joyful. 

5. Happy kids feel loved

Most parents find it hard to show affection to their kids. But, this is something you need to learn if you wish to have happier kids. Kids who lack affection from parents tend to worry most of the time and feel like this they got no one to open up to when in trouble. What makes a child happy? As your child gets older, try to show affection through loving words and praises, and this will boost their confidence.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to make your child happier. Kids need to feel loved and are satisfied with eating healthy foods. They also need to have the right relationships with parents and peers. Moreover, they get excited about playing outdoors without restrictions.

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