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Tizen vs Android comparison – Samsung vs Google OS

Today mobile operating system is becoming more powerful than Computer operating system. The Android is a good example of a Mobile OS that is rapidly improving day by day. There are many other Mobile OS that you are unaware of, one such OS is Samsungs’s Tizen. Today we are going to talk about Tizen vs Android comparison.

Most of us know Android and we are currently using it. But Tizen is a little new OS. So our main emphasis would be toward Tizen Operating system. Let us first begin with the introduction of Tizen and Android operation systems.

Tizen vs Android comparison – OS basics

Before going in much details, let us talk about the some basic details about the two OS. Firstly we are going to learn: What is Tizen and Android? and Who developed Android and Tizen os?

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Tizen Operating system basic detail

Intel and Samsung announced a partnership to create a new Linux-based open source operating system called Tizen. Tizen is an open source OS, whose standards are based on Linux operating system. Apart from the OS, Tizen also support HTML5 and WAC-based external applications. Tizen is widely used in a variety of different devices which includes smart phones, tablet PCs, smart TVs , laptops and driving entertainment system.

Samsung Tizen vs Google Android OS- tizen gears

Android Operating system basic detail

Android is also Linux-based free open source operating system, mainly used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Android is developed by Google. The Android operating system originally developed by Andy Rubin, which mainly supported mobile phones. In November 2007, Google and 84 other hardware manufacturers, software developers and telecom operators formed the Open Handset Alliance to jointly develop and improve Android OS.

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Samsung Tizen vs Android comparison – Main differences

We could say TIZEN and Android is very similar as they both are based on linux system. But there are lots of difference between them, I have listed all the points related to Tizen vs Android comparison below.

  1. The first main difference between Tizen and Android is that the Android and iOS prefer using Java and Objective-C language to write applications while Tizen developers are encouraged to write HTML 5 applications.
  2. Tizen system itself has advanced Internet features, while HTML 5 has better Internet performance especially for mobile devices which can provide smoother and smoother Internet experience.
  3. Tizen version 3 supports 64-bit processors which is now provided on Android phones also.
  4. Multi touch gestures are supported in Tizen. Multitasking is also supported just like on Android devices.
  5. Tizen devices has same swipe down notification bar similar to Android phones.
  6. Tizen is very lightweight operating system that offers a faster start-up as compared to Android OS.
  7. Tizen;’s 3D window effects will provide best support for apps and games that require advanced 3D graphics features.
  8. Tizen has very improved scrolling and rendering performance for smoother web browsing,
  9. Tizen has dynamic box icons which can be resized get the information quickly.
Tizen vs Android comparing operating system  - powered by tizen

Pros and Cons of using Tizen OS over Android OS

There are many pros and cons of using Tizen OS over Android Operating system. These are enlisted below in points.

Pros of using Tizen OS over Android OS

  1. Tizen operating system is flexible which means you can run Android apps on Tizen and the other applications made for Tizen OS are compatible with operating systems like iOS and Android.
  2. Samsung Tizen lowers the battery consumption of devices which makes the battery of Tizen OS devices last longer. Ultra power saving mode is really good in saving the battery.
  3. Tizen operating system is very smooth to use. The smoothness is better than Android, it is likely because of Tizen has advance Internet features and HTML 5 apps.
  4. The user interface UI can be customized and has faster responding time than Android.
  5. Tizen uses very light weight files so memory is not a problem.

Cons of using Tizen OS over Android OS

  1. The only problem that exist with Tizen is that Tizen App store has limited apps.
  2. Tizen smart phones is missing some really useful must have apps on their devices.
  3. Tizen storage management is somewhat poor.
Android Versus Tizen OS comparision


In conclusion, I think Tizen is a great operating system which will improve with time. The Samsung is really concerned about Tizen OS and making it more advanced to meet the requirements of the users. Although Android is best OS in the market and is mostly preferred over Tizen. But future is unpredictable.
So that’s all in this Tizen vs Android comparison. If you think I missed something just share it in the comment below. If you bought the new and latest Tizen device recently, you can share your experience with others. Thank you for reading this post. Share this post in your social circle and let all your friends know about the stuff you learned today
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