3 Powerful Topics to Write About in Your College Essays

Writing a college essay is perhaps the most exciting component of the application process. From planning to editing, this is a time in which you are able to show admissions officers or an advisory board why you should be selected to attend the university. The essay writing process can seem daunting for many students, though. Finding the perfect approach, including all the important information, and formatting the content all contribute to a fantastic essay that will turn heads.

1. Focus on your aspirations.

One approach that many college hopefuls take is the aspirational essay. For those who want to be lawyers, for instance, selecting a role model like Malliha Wilson to highlight is a great option. Malliha Wilson has been growing a long and storied career in the Canadian legal system. As the first visible minority holder of the position of Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Ontario Government, she is breaking barriers and showing people of all backgrounds that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Born in Sri Lanka, Malliha Wilson has developed an intimate understanding of complex litigation issues including labour law, human rights, and cases involving indigenous populations and the intricacies that come along with these legal actions. Today, Wilson is the managing partner at her own law firm, Nava Wilson LLP.

Aspirational essays are a great way to gain the attention of your audience because the people reading and deciding on who to admit to the university have your best interests at heart. While they likely won’t ever meet you in person, these professionals are invested in the stories of each and every person they evaluate. A success on campus and in life is great for the school going forward, so they want to read about where you hope to springboard after graduation.

2. Consider speaking on life-changing events from your past.


Another key topic for college essays is a life-changing moment. Many high school juniors and seniors have experienced something that has placed life and all that it offers into perspective. This often comes in the form of either a shining success or a bitter heartache. Horrifically, there are more than 15,000 children living with cancer in the United States today. Many will defeat this scourge, but the aftereffect of such a devastating diagnosis so early in life can temper the way you approach the long horizon of years left on this Earth.

Writing about tragedy, victory, or any other eye-opening experience that you’ve gone through can be a powerful tool for showing your humanity and thoughtfulness to the admissions committee. College essay consultants often home in on these types of essays, and speaking with one can really improve your chances of admission by a huge margin. Simply searching for “college essay consultant near me” can get you started here.

3. Approach the task from the left field.


Finally, some students opt to approach the college essay task in a completely novel way. Many students groan at the assignment of yet another essay, but there are a select few who relish the opportunity to put their creative spin on an important new project. These writers may want to try to create a parable or other written form that can help sell their skill in the craft as the primary point of interest. Writers can be a rare find these days, and anyone who loves the art might find greater success in celebrating this fact rather than pumping out something on a topic they aren’t passionate about.

Try out these three great ideas for a unique and inspiring college essay.

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