Planning a Family Vacation To Pigeon Forge – Seven Things To Do

Organizing a family trip can seem overwhelming, particularly when catering to various ages and hobbies. However, worry no more; Pigeon Forge, cradled in the splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, accommodates every family member’s taste.

Pigeon Forge attracts over 11 million visitors annually and offers a diverse mix of scenic wonders, exciting escapades, and cultural experiences. 

Let’s delve into the countless ways this mountainous city guarantees an unforgettable escape for your family.

A Taste of the Great Outdoors 

When you arrive in Pigeon Forge, you’ll discover it’s a gem full of scenic views and outdoor activities waiting for your family to enjoy. Located next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the city offers plenty of opportunities for exploration.

You can choose from exciting hikes to peaceful fishing sessions by the rivers. Maybe your family likes a relaxing picnic under the sunny skies, surrounded by stunning scenery. That’s also an option! Along with these adventures, you get to embark on an educational journey. 

With over 19,000 species living in the park, it’s an excellent opportunity for your children to learn about diverse wildlife.

After such a busy day, good rest is essential. The perfect lodging offers the comfort your family needs. Considering your family’s size and desired comforts, selecting the right hotel in Pigeon Forge Tennessee becomes important for a memorable holiday.

The Thrill of Amusement Parks 

Pigeon Forge has mastered the art of providing a riveting family day with its assorted amusement parks. No matter your age or adventure appetite, these parks guarantee a thrilling encounter. Bursting with various rides to incite excitement, you might be an adrenaline lover seeking a spine-chilling roller coaster ride or a young adventurer keen on a fun journey on children’s rides.

When you partake in these stimulating rides, the shared thrill and giggles pave the way for enduring memories. The charm of these amusement parks is in their capacity to engage every family member. 

Anticipate a day drenched in delight, bonding through shared adventures, and naturally, a surplus of enjoyment.

Shopping Extravaganza 

Pigeon Forge is a paradise for shopaholics. This mountain city flourishes as a shopping hotspot that meets all preferences and budgets. It has a variety of retail spaces, each with a unique selection of goods to discover.

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Explore the heart of local commerce with boutique stores full of personality and stories. You’ll find regional crafts and trinkets, offering a chance to take home one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Alternatively, established brand stores provide a familiar shopping atmosphere, delivering products you know and love.

The city’s shopping environment combines the local charm with contemporary appeal, ensuring that your Pigeon Forge experience includes more than just memories but also a snippet of its culture and way of life.

Indulge in Local Crafts 

Discovering Pigeon Forge exposes you to an energetic world of arts and crafts. Local artisans’ abilities animate the city, with their splendid works exhibited in numerous galleries, reflecting the dynamic local culture.

You will find everything from finely blown glass pieces to delicately stitched quilts showcasing superior artistry. Coming across these masterpieces isn’t just visually pleasing but an opportunity to appreciate local craftsmanship.

As you explore the city’s vibrant art culture, you gain insights into craft techniques, materials used, and time-honored traditions. So, a trip to Pigeon Forge isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s a deep dive into its rich culture and creative spirit, marking it as a one-of-a-kind cultural hub.

Explore the City’s History

Venturing into Pigeon Forge is like turning the pages of a vivid history book. As you step into this charming mountain city, you begin an adventure into the past, unfolding the intriguing lives of early settlers who carved out a living here.

The city’s museums and heritage sites play storytellers, narrating riveting tales about settlers’ trials, triumphs, and resilience. There stands a carefully rebuilt 18th-century fort, a testament to the past. 

As you walk through its gates, you can almost feel the day-to-day experiences of the fort’s original inhabitants, breathing life into history.

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Embarking on this captivating journey through Pigeon Forge’s past enriches your understanding of the city’s growth and creates a connection that transcends standard tourism.

A Variety of Entertaining Shows

Pigeon Forge, known for its lively entertainment scene, has a variety of shows perfect for families. There’s something for everyone, meeting all tastes and preferences. Maybe you like music – you’ll find performances that touch your heart with their melodic tunes. 

Perhaps you like the mysterious – magic shows here keep audiences amazed, revealing mystifying tricks one after the other.

Then, comedy shows promise to fill your evening with cheerful laughter and joy. These diverse shows provide the perfect retreat after a day full of adventures. Relax, and let Pigeon Forge entertain you with its various exhibits.

Take a Scenic Drive

As you navigate through Pigeon Forge and the surrounding Smokies, you’re greeted with an array of breathtaking natural splendors. Every twist in the road unravels spectacular views. The sight of cascading waterfalls, their rhythmic dance captivating your eyes, is nothing short of extraordinary.

As you continue your journey, the grandeur of mountainous landscapes unfolds, filling you with awe and admiration. The area’s beauty morphs with the changing seasons, each revealing a new color palette and mood. 

Summer paints the region in vibrant shades of green, while autumn sets the scenery ablaze with its vivid colors.

This scenic drive through the region offers a wonderful opportunity to soak in its sheer beauty, etching unforgettable scenes in your holiday memories. More than just a drive, it’s a visual feast that leaves you yearning for more.


Pigeon Forge combines amusement parks, historical points of interest, local craftsmanship, and awe-inspiring drives. 

Combine this with the various mesmerizing performances; and you’ve got something for each family member to savor.

Festivals here offer a genuine immersion into the city’s culture. A family escape to Pigeon Forge is not merely a holiday. It’s a colorful combination of memories waiting to be experienced by you and your family.

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