Often Overlooked Supplies You’ll Need for Your Restaurant

Starting and opening a new restaurant can be hard work. There will be several things to do, from planning to renovations. Additionally, there are many things to remember before the restaurant actually opens for the first time. Sometimes, the to-do list can seem overwhelming when paired with all the things to remember. As a result, many restaurants often open without being fully equipped with all the necessary supplies. For a restaurant owner, when there’s menu planning, market research, location scouting, and up-fitting, some things could easily fall through the cracks.

Restaurant equipment, like a refrigerator and stove, is similar to supplies such as pots and pans. All of these things are no-brainer essentials that you’ll make sure to have before opening. When it comes to other restaurant supplies, however, like adequate shelving or even a HEPA filter, several things might be forgotten. To make sure that you’re as prepared as you can be for your restaurant opening, you’ll want to make sure that every square feet of space works for you and your customers. When looking for places to buy restaurant supplies in Seattle, you’ll want to make sure to look beyond glassware and dinnerware to other items that might also be necessary. Let’s take a look at some of the supplies that are often overlooked when opening a restaurant.

Safety and Comfort

Focusing on the back of the house to ensure that you have a fully stocked, top-notch kitchen space is one of the things that many restaurant owners focus on. This is for good reason, as the kitchen is where the money is made. In doing so, however, some restaurant owners might overlook some of the areas where the customers spend their time.

For example, the bathrooms should be well-stocked and clean. You’ll have to consider that public restrooms need supplies more quickly than you might expect. You might also consider things like the appropriate amount of booster seats for kids, creatively designed menus, and comfortable seating. With the importance of health and safety in the face of COVID-19, other viruses, and allergens. You might also think about the air quality in your restaurant. A quick search for “HEPA air purifier Amazon” will return some quality HEPA filters that can reduce germs and allergens in the air and ensure guest health.

Ample Shelving


As a restaurant owner, one thing that you’ll learn quickly is that you can never have enough storage. An extremely important investment that might go overlooked is ample shelving. While there are several requirements for restaurant-grade shelving, movable shelving with versatile racks will be some of your most important equipment. You will want the units that can be easily rolled around and reconfigured. The size of the room that you’ll use them in will dictate how much shelving you can have, but a good rule of thumb is to buy more than you think you’ll need. Checking out reviews from other restaurant owners will help you find the shelves suitable for you.

First Aid


With a high-powered kitchen and the activity of a busy restaurant. It’s inevitable that there will be cuts, burns, and other minor injuries. Not only will you need first aid kits and extra supplies for any injuries, but you will also need them to ensure that your business is compliant with government safety standards. With the onslaught of activity during a restaurant opening, little things like first aid kits can go overlooked. These are important, however, and you’ll want to be sure that they are in place before you open. You’ll want to make sure that you have several kits and that they are located in easily accessible places around your restaurant.

Opening a restaurant can be hectic and overwhelming. While the list of things to do and purchase can be complex, some things might go overlooked. It will be important to focus on the small things just as much as you work on the larger items.

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