Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

The scientific and technological revolution, which has affected all spheres of our everyday life, has bypassed cooking so far. Many of the details of science fiction stories quite successfully embodied in reality and only in our kitchen is still not even the 20th, but the 19th century. In general, this is not so bad – it is also useful for a modern person to do something with his or her own hands. Curious, what kind of “kitchen gadgets” did the insatiable human imagination invent? And what will become our kitchen like in 10-15 years?

Fridge – Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

Let us start with the fridge. If you think that nothing new can be invented in this area, then you are mistaken. Therefore, Japanese engineers came up with a refrigerator in which you can not only cold foods but also store them at a reasonably high temperature – up to 55 degrees. A special compartment of 20 liters is designed so that the lunch stored in it does not cool down. As the saying goes, something for nothing. Jokes about the refrigerator, which itself goes on the Internet, have also almost become a reality. Some experimental models have a built-in monitor and barcode scanner, thanks to which you can order products without leaving your home. Moreover, even walking around the supermarket, you can contact your refrigerator and check what is in it and what is not.

The internal design of the refrigerator can also undergo significant changes. Therefore, in some new models, individual shelves with motors are installed, which makes it easy to adjust the desired height and put almost any pots and other containers in the refrigerator. You can also hope that in the future the fridge will, on its initiative, report that certain products have run out in it or that, say, milk has expired. In general, no less attention will be paid to the quality of products than to their availability. Here is just one example: a few years ago, a refrigerator appeared, equipped with individual colored LEDs, thanks to which the vitamin C content in vegetables is on average 10% higher than in conventional models.

Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

However, if the refrigerator does not report on the freshness of the products, it is likely that … the products themselves will do it. Perhaps the packaging itself will change its color; and if not, then special counters on magnets or suction cups will signal this. However, if now they serve as a timer, then shortly, perhaps they will be able to conduct a rapid chemical analysis of food and inform us of its results.

We continue the walk through the “kitchen of the future.” To make it more convenient for you to wash vegetables, fruits, greens, or dishes, the “smart” sink will adapt itself to your height and choose the right water temperature.

DishMaker – Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

The elastic material of which this sink is made, on the one hand, will not allow you to break the dishes. On the other hand, it prevents the growth of bacteria. However, it is possible that you do not need to wash the dishes at all and we do not mean disposable plates, which, even if disposed of, will still increase the amount of garbage on our planet. Specialists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a prototype device that itself creates kitchen utensils and then processes them themselves (and then again). The original DishMaker can produce up to 150 plates, and then turn them back into blanks stored in it (although it would be nice to wash the dishes beforehand).

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The dishes themselves, too, someday can become “smart.” Therefore, an experimental model of a spoon equipped with numerous sensors has already been created. The information immediately enters the computer, is analyzed and returned to the owner of the spoon in the form of tips, for example, is there enough salt in the dish or what is its temperature now. A more straightforward option is to sell spoons with scales and a display that are already on sale, capable of determining the weight of products with an accuracy of 0.1 grams, as well as meat tongs that measure its temperature and, accordingly, the degree of readiness (apparently, according to the principle “there is no hotter raw “). In general, it is logical to assume that the pots and pans of the future will themselves control the process of regulating the temperature and, possibly, mixing the food, as well as signaling the cook about the degree of readiness of the dish and the need to take specific steps.

The following example is more likely to be in the field of curiosities; however, it demonstrates the additional features of our usual kitchen utensils. So, meet a shovel for cutting a cake, capable of simultaneously reproducing one of the four festive tunes. By the way, there are similar trays.

The issue of providing a modern urban dweller with fresh vegetables will also undoubtedly be given attention. Therefore, it is quite possible that you can grow greens (for example, salad, green onions, and other delights) right in your kitchen, thanks to a mini-greenhouse with a small hydroponic device, which takes up very little space.

Microwave – Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

The microwave has become an indispensable attribute of almost every modern kitchen. First of all, a barcode scanner will be built into it, thanks to which it will know precisely how many minutes to warm up a particular product. It will become much more “environmentally friendly” – however, like a conventional oven. An example of this approach is an unusual home stove that uses high-temperature water vapor to heat food. According to the developers, thanks to this, excess fat and salt are removed from the menu, and it turns out to be much more useful and dietary. It is also essential that thanks to rapid heating, vitamins do not have time to break down (especially with Vitamin C).

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Another indispensable “feature” will be a remote control. It will be enough to load the products into the oven, program the cooking mode, and then, at work or on the way home, give it the necessary commands using the usual or mobile Internet – and you will have a hot dinner ready for you at home! Of course, so that the products do not deteriorate, such an oven should also be a refrigerator at the same time. By the way, in this case, we are not talking about some daydreaming, but about a particular, real-life model that uses NASA technology and even received a kosher certificate.

Fryers and Anti-frying pan- Kitchen Gadgets of the Future

Chips, aka “French fries,” will also become less destructive to the body. Fryers of the future are likely to use hot air and a minimum of oil, making the chips much less greasy.

An indispensable attribute of every kitchen will be a universal food processor with a large number of modes and removable nozzles. It will probably be arranged in a modular fashion. Brand new devices will also appear such as this unusual “anti-frying pan,” which allows you to freeze creams instantly, mashed potatoes, sauces, etc. In this case, the crust becomes hard and frozen, and the filling remains soft and creamy. Thanks to this, new types of dishes may appear that you could only dream of before.

Evaporator – Kitchen Gadgets of the Future And The Present

Another open innovation may be the so-called evaporator. Using a water bath and a vacuum pump, it creates a natural extract with a strong taste and aroma of almost any product. Then you can add this extract to any dish, getting unusual combinations in the best traditions of the fusion style. Another device, called Gastrovac, creates low pressure and sucks out almost all of the liquid from the products, after which they correctly absorb wine, marinades, and sauces. In general, the skillful use of hot steam and low pressure (due to which you can cook at lower temperatures) will allow you to save much more vitamins and other useful substances in the products.

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