Must-have Gadgets To Jumpstart Your Social Media Stardom

Social media has been one of the leading forms of communication these days. Not only does it make people from around the globe connected in real-time, it also helps them informed and entertained. No wonder more and more people are using social media to share their passion, gain followers, influence people, and earn money in the process.

If you too would like to be social media famous and share your creativity to the world, you need equipment. To jumpstart your journey, here are the essential items you’ll need to start creating content that people will love.

Digital Cameras

This is the most important gadget in creating content. The best cameras to buy are easy to carry so you can stay mobile while shooting.

Mirrorless cameras are the best option because it gives you total control of the video or photo without the extra weight, unlike DSLR cameras. Cameras like Sony A7R IV, Canon R5, Fujifilm X-T4 are great camera options. You can also use compact digital cameras, which are lighter and easier to use. There are compact cameras like Sony Z-V1, Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, Panasonic Lumix TZ80 that are designed specifically for vlogging.

Action Cameras

For a more spontaneous adventure, action cameras are a better option than mirrorless or compact cameras because they are lighter and easier to mount. You can attach it to your bike, or just use a selfie stick. It is easy to carry around and can capture videos in different mode like time-lapse for a more fun and creative content.

action camera


It is not enough to rely on the built-in microphone from your camera. For better audio quality, an external boom microphone or lavalier mic should be used. External microphones have noise reduction feature that lessen unnecessary ambient sound and focus on your voice. Popular microphones are Rode VideoMicro, Rode Wireless GO II, Rode PodMic and more. If you are live streaming, a microphone stand is a must, so you’ll have more freedom to move around.


Lighting is must have for live streamers, podcasters and content creators who mainly shoot indoors. Ring lights are brilliant because of their coverage, but small continuous LED lights are also good. You can also experiment with colour temperature, brightness and hue to add fun in your studio setup. Equipment like Aputure Amaran AL-MX LED, Profoto B10 Air TTL or Phottix M200R RGB LED are just some lights that professional content creators are using.

Note that the bigger your studio is, the more light you need.

Encoder/ Capture Card

This is an important device if you want to live stream. There are two gears to help you broadcast on various streaming platforms:

Travel kit

Tripod/ Gorillapod

Shaky videos are difficult to watch, that is why it is important to use a tripod for a more stable shoot. Some content creators use Gorillapod because of its flexible legs, which you can attach to anywhere for a more creative shooting angle. Tripods also give you more freedom in expressing your creativity, like when recording a stop motion animation, or a time-lapse.


Of course, a smartphone is important to set up your social media accounts and connect with your followers. Your smartphone can also be a secondary camera for B rolls when shooting vlogs. This helps diversify your clips to make your vlog more interesting.

These are just some gadgets that you’ll need to become a good content creator. But more than the equipment, remember that it’s the quality of your content that attracts more viewers. Learn to plan, research, and be creative and in no time, you will be on your way to social media stardom.

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