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Metal Detectable Knives – Cutting Edge Multi Purpose Tools

Metal detectable knives come in all shapes and sizes, and are used for different purposes. This includes the purpose of safety, as well as utility.

Metal detectable knives come in a straight edge or scalloped blade design. Many are designed with retractable blades so they can be safely carried in a pocket or stowed away with other tools. The best knives are made from high carbon stainless steel, as these knives hold their sharpness longer and need less refreshing. Knives range in price from box store bargains to high quality collectible tools that cost thousands of dollars.

Metal detectable knifes uses and properties

A kitchen knife, or cook’s knife, is made for heavy duty use in the restaurant or catering fields. These metal detectable knives are made for fast, precise cutting and are made from the highest quality steel. A cook’s knife is an important tool of their trade; therefore, many chefs have their own prized collection of gleaming steel slicing and carving tools, both straight-edged and scalloped.

metal detectable knife

Scalloped knives are particularly useful for cutting meat, as the curved edge lets in air and helps the meat not stick to the blade. These scalloped edge knives are also popular with hunting and fishing enthusiasts, as they make for smooth cleaning of fish or game.

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Pointed nosed knives are used for puncturing or inserting into material. The most common metal detectable knives are single edge, which means the top of the blade is thicker and not sharpened, while the bottom of the knife does the cutting duty. For particularly tough cutting jobs, a serrated or partially serrated knife serves for sawing through material.

Some metal detectable knives, like swan or penguin shaped knives, are disposable and have a metal detectable additive built in. Although designed for limited use, some of these models have twin blades for longer life.

Many metal detectable knives are used for industrial purposes, such as retractable box cutters and knives for cutting material or paper. Scissors are technically a type of knife, as they have steel blades and can be sharpened to a fine steel edge.

metal detectable knife

The medical profession uses knives not only as surgical implements, but for cutting safety belts or other restrictions for patients who have been in an accident.

Lastly, there are some knives designed for self-defense like combat or tactical knives, and they are also sold in many outlets. Some of these knives are made or ceramic to be inscrutable to metal detectors and are illegal in many areas. For safety sake, it is always advisable to only purchase and use metal detectable knives and only carry them for their intended use and within area regulations.

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In the right hands and for the correct purpose, metal detectable knives are reliable, important tools with many uses. When teaching your child to cook, clean fish or do other tasks, make sure they are old enough and given the proper instruction to use metal detectable knives responsibly.

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