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Main Causes of Body Hair Loss in Women

Body Hair Loss in Women

Losing body hair is a common condition that most women experience. Body hair loss occurs in various parts of the body, such as the face, head, legs, and other private functions. The usual average hair loss ranges from fifty to a hundred hairs. The thinning of hair more than this number is considered unusual and should be treated before it worsens.

Women experience body hair loss when they are brushing or styling their hair for beauty purposes. There are various causes of losing body hair in women, which you can find a way to avoid or prevent you from being a victim. The leading causes of body hair loss in women include;

1. Childbirth and other Hormonal changes

When a woman is pregnant, hormones such as estrogen change their usual way of functioning. At this stage, everything in a woman’s body is always at a growth stage. The hormones stimulate the rapid growth of hair follicles with no hair thinning. 

The growth of thick hairs occurs in the entire pregnancy stage until the delivery time where the hormones come back to their normal functioning. Body hair loss will start to appear, and the normal hair growth cycle resumes some days after childbirth, which may be intensive with variation from person to person.

2. Medications

Medications are also a primary cause of body hair loss in women. Drugs used to treat diseases like arthritis, blood pressure, and cancer may have a side effect of losing body hair. The hair loss is always temporary when you are using the drugs and may end after the medication.

Suppose you are under medication for the diseases mentioned above and experiencing hair loss. In that case, you may consult your doctor to change the drugs or the medication type for you if possible.

3. Genetics

Hair loss in women due to genetics usually affects the crown and the backside of a woman’s head. This type of genetic problem hair loss comes from a family or a close relative effect where the hair loss genes are transferred from one person to another.

This type of hair loss is usually known as the female pattern baldness. The condition cannot be treated, but you may use some drugs such as minoxidil to stop the shedding and increase the density of your hair. Consider not using minoxidil if you are pregnant since it may affect your pregnancy journey.

4. Lack of proper nutrition

Body hair loss in women may occur due to a lack of proper diet, nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and ions. It may lead to diseases such as Anaemia which in turn causes hair shedding in the body. Also, the drugs you use to treat the deficiency disease may affect the growth of hair follicles or weaken the existing hair, leading to hair falling.

You should consult your doctor to help you with the proper medication for treating the deficiency you are suffering from. It would be best to have a good diet rich in nutrients and ions to keep you away from the fault.

5. Stress

Stress is also a leading cause of body hair loss in women. Physical or emotional stress occurrence may cause your hair follicles to be at the resting phase. The stress may involve an extensive traumatizing activity such as death, accident, divorce, etc., that hinders the usual way you carry out your duties.

6. Birth control changes

There are contraceptive drugs that most women use to control the way they give birth. Changing from one type of drug to another or stopping the usage of these drugs may destroy the usual way function of the hormone.

The hair loss may go into a massive shedding with time. The condition is usually known as telogen effluvium since it is a temporary condition that goes away after some time.

7. Scalp or dandruff psoriasis

Dandruff in the scalp resulting from the presence of ringworms in the blood may make your scalp start itching more than usual. An itchy scalp will make you scratch it, leading to shedding off of hair. If you have this type of hair shedding, you should use the best hair conditioners or shampoos with the help of an experienced doctor to clear out the dandruff effect.


Body hair loss in women usually occurs in different stages. One should take certain precautions for them not to be victims of this condition. Other causes may include; overprocessing of hair, frequent tight hairstyles, heat in styling your hair, and some autoimmune effects.

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