Local SEO Tips For Brisbane Based Businesses

Local marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations may be effective ways to draw in Brisbane based clients. However, an internet search might have just as much, if not more, influence. In fact, 97% of search engine users have looked online to discover a local company, according to Social Media Today.

Additionally, local information was sought in 46% of all Google searches. Therefore, if your Brisbane based company doesn’t appear in local search results, it can be losing out on lucrative traffic and clients. In other words, local SEO can be the secret to expanding your company and remaining current throughout Brisbane to increase sale rates.

If you’re relatively new to local SEO Brisbane, you may have many questions and be unsure on how to begin optimizing. This article is meant to help you to clarify the situation and demonstrates some crucial local SEO options. So, let’s start now.

Local SEO definition and why do you need it?

Let’s first attempt to comprehend what local search entails before discussing the concept of local SEO. When someone searches locally, they are looking for businesses, goods, services, or any other information pertinent to a specific region. They could type in “concerts near me” to look up a concert in their neighborhood or “best home nursing services in [location]” to discover a local home nursing service.

In contrast to normal Google searches, local search consequently is more location-specific. The practice of attempting to improve your online presence so that you appear in those local search results is known as local SEO. So, if you want to attract more local customers in Brisbane, you should strengthen your presence in local searches. But, how can you do that?

1. Set up Google My Business (GMB) listing first

The most important aspect of your local SEO plan in Brisbane is GMB, or Google My Business. Using this Google service, you can easily make free company listings in specific areas. Additionally, it’s one of the key elements that Google will take into account when ranking companies in organic local search and snack pack results, according to Moz. Visit the Google My Business page to begin by claiming or adding your listing.

2. What do you need to create GMB listings?

You may now wonder what information is needed to add your business to Google My Business listing. Take a look at the following sentences to prepare properly for making the first step towards creating a strong online presence in Brisbane.

  1. You should write the full name of your business (avoid making spelling mistakes)
  2. You should write the address to your shop
  3. You should clarify on maps where your store exactly is located
  4. You should be specific about your business field (Choosing the right niche is super important)
  5. You should mention your contact information and website address if available

You must confirm your listing once it becomes online, often by calling or sending a postcard. After verification, follow these steps to enhance Google My Business:

  1. You should start uploading photos of your shop and products/services you offer
  2. You should mention your working hours (This helps people to know when they can get in touch with you)
  3. When creating GMB listing, you should just choose one category, but now in the optimizing phase, you can add more relevant categories to your GMB listing
  4. Leave more phone numbers or email addresses for people to contact you (If available)
  5. Do not forget mobile users

It seems logical that many individuals would use their cellphones to look for local information and companies since smartphones are a common part of our everyday lives. According to a survey Uberall commissioned, 82% of respondents have used a mobile device to perform a “near me” search. This demonstrates how frequently individuals use their phones for local search. Therefore, it’s imperative that you satisfy these searchers by making your website mobile-friendly. Make your website mobile-friendly so that users on mobile devices can easily navigate it and locate the information they want.

3. Customer reviews matter more than you think

The Moz study that was previously mentioned indicates that review signals are also quite important for Brisbane search and snack pack ranking. Therefore, in addition to strengthening your reputation, having a large number of genuine reviews, especially good ones, might do wonders to increase your visibility in local search in Brisbane. Therefore, you must make an effort to get more sincere client testimonials for your company.

Keep your attention on the websites where Google would expect that businesses would have reviews. It would therefore gather reviews from consumer directories and social media in addition to those from your website and your GMB listing. Consequently, you should concentrate on gathering reviews for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok to show search engines that your business is genuinely popular with people around Brisbane.

4. Link building will always work

According to Moz, one of the most important variables affecting your position in local searches and snack pack results are link signals such connecting domain authority and quantity. As a result, link building is also necessary for local SEO in order to improve your link profile. The linked domains, however, ought to be more pertinent to your intended location.

As a result, you should focus on authoritative websites in your intended market. The Chamber of Commerce, trade groups, licensing offices, and even.edu websites might all fall under this category.

Collaborations, awards, guest posts, and other opportunities could all be great methods to get high-quality backlinks from regional websites. As an illustration, the “Attractions” page of the Connecticut College website links to a number of nearby businesses.


These are 4 key components for advancing your local SEO efforts in Brisbane. Keep in mind that different places may benefit from your local SEO efforts. If you’re targeting more than one place, you can even use these concepts in SEO for several areas. Take use of them to expand your business and improve your online exposure in local searches.

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