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Is it currently safe to study in Hong Kong as an international student

Hong Kong is presently preparing for the Coronavirus pandemic, which appears to have put an end to the political demonstrations that dominated headlines last year and generated worries that the city is no longer secure.

Is it possible that, as a result of all of this, international students will no longer be able to have a meaningful and enjoyable study abroad experience in Hong Kong?

Although several colleges have suspended student exchange programmes as a result of the epidemic, overseas students should not dismiss Hong Kong as a study abroad destination just yet.

International institutes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong institutes such as Invictus International school HK provide high-quality academics and unique courses that provide students with lots of real-world experience while studying in Asia’s largest financial centre.

It’s also a lovely nation, regarded as a melting pot of civilizations due to its population’s great diversity.

Is it, however, still safe? The solution isn’t so simple.

But, in the end, as an international student, you will be secure if you avoid rallies and rallies.

International students encourage difficulty by actively joining in protests, refusing to comply with authorities, and disregarding university safety warnings.

International students, like citizens of any country, must be cautious and aware of current political conditions in order to be safe.

You risk jeopardising not just your safety but also your student visa status if you choose to participate in political demonstrations.

Increased security on University campus

According to the South China Morning Post, following the violent demonstrations a few months ago, all eight of Hong Kong’s publicly-funded colleges have increased security operations.

This was in response to Education Minister Kevin Yeung Yun-Hung’s request that they beef up security and limit access to campuses and dorms.

At least six colleges were key sites of protests and standoffs between police and protesters, resulting in severe property damage.

Following the tightening of security measures, students and employees are now required to show their university credentials before being permitted on campus. At the entrances, security personnel have been stationed.

Turnstiles have been built at three key gates of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

According to a university spokesperson, the institution has formed an executive task team to “comprehensively assess and enhance” safety and security procedures on campus and in dorms.

Despite the violent riots that shook the country only a few months ago, individuals have been applauded for pushing back against police who used dubious tactics to quell the riots.

Amnesty International recently commended Hong Kong residents for protesting against “abusive policeman tactics” such as tear gas, arbitrary arrests, physical attacks, and detention abuses.

Protests in Hong Kong have dominated headlines, but when the dust settles, prospective foreign students should not dismiss this booming financial city as a viable study abroad option.

Hong Kong is a Chinese special administrative area that provides a unique atmosphere for students to have an interesting experience.

Top universities in Asia

Many of the world’s best universities are located in Hong Kong. Three of its universities, for example, earned the top ten in the Times Higher Education (THE) Asian University Rankings 2019.

The third is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the fourth is the University of Hong Kong, and the fifth is the Chinese University of Hong Kong (seventh).

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong are rated 15th and 20th, respectively.

Furthermore, English is widely used as a medium of teaching at several colleges.

Internship and part time working opportunities

Internships are crucial for students to obtain first-hand experience in the professional world, whilst part-time employment is crucial for students to not only sustain themselves, but also to learn skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. And international students can avail this opportunity in Hong Kong.

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