Increase sales to current customers

Here are some ideas to increase sales to current customers by making the most of all parts of your premises.

Let’s start with the most used:

The little table

When the customer is seated at the table he is relaxed and would like to take a break, you can still try to urge him using the two objects that are normally present: the napkin holder and the placemats for lunch. Not surprisingly, many companies offer their napkin rings for free: they are a great way to sell their product and remember their brand.

You too can imitate them, albeit in a more simplified way by creating millets discount code or plasticized cards that you can place on the sides of the napkin holder or on the top.

For legal reasons we advise against doing this with those that are provided by the companies and, in any case, you should not cover their advertising.

The information you can write on the napkin holder are many: evening opening hours, special offers and promotions simply your logo to make the place more welcoming.

You can also place disposable paper placemats on the table; these too are often provided free of charge by other companies for the promotion of their products but you can also have your own customized ones to highlight, for example, particular menus or offers.

You can also evaluate the possibility of having them printed in two different types depending on the time they are displayed, for example to students who have breakfast in the morning you can send a different message than to those who work and come during lunch. ;

The menus

The menu is a simple and inexpensive way to increase your sales. The basic purpose of the menu is not to make the customer decide exactly what he has already decided to buy, but to increase your sales.

Normally the objective of the menu is exclusive of an informative type, that is to let people know what products you sell, unfortunately often the menu does not describe everything you can offer, but only a reduced selection that does not allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition by proposing something again.

Thinking carefully, the menu is probably the most important tool you have to increase the order received by the customer and, through offers or promotions, invite him to come back later to find something new.

It should not be forgotten that the well-made menu saves you a lot of time because it prevents the customer from constantly calling you to ask for information on whether or not a dish or a drink is available; This also saves your staff from having to repeat the same information over and over, allowing them to better focus on the service.

It is even more important at peak times when there is little time for each customer. A well done menu also improves the perception of your place and continues to work for you even while you are seated to rest for a few minutes.

The counter

If your customer does not sit down, you can offer him new ideas and products when he is leaning against the counter which, of course, is the best place to display the products that are bought on impulse, and using personalized counter placemats you can also let him read something. interesting while he is having a coffee.

The point where everyone passes is that of the cash desk, nearby you can display small signs presenting new offers or leave your business card, brochures with offers or promotions for the following days, loyalty cards or subscriptions to do fill in.

The back counter

When the customer pays or is leaning against the counter, he could take a look around and what is behind you is the first thing that happens to him. You can use this wall not only as an exhibition of empty glasses or cans but as a real marketing tool using promotional signs that you can change periodically or even with blackboards where you can handwrite offers or the menu of the day.

All the signs behind the counter must be as simple and legible as possible because the time for reading is reduced and reading small print from a certain distance is difficult (Not everyone wears glasses …)

It can also be the ideal place to hang beautiful photographs of your products, but only if the quality of the photo is good, otherwise it could be counterproductive.

The walls of the room

The walls of the room are another of the points to be exploited to increase your sales. Obviously they don’t have to become a series of supermarket-style billboards, but they can be used to display signs with longer and more detailed texts or with the various menu prices.

A decorative element that can be pleasant without being invasive are the photographs of objects related to food, even if not necessarily for sale in the restaurant, in some cases it is also possible to use photographs printed on canvas that create a very pleasant picture effect to behold.

In some rooms, food-related objects such as forks and ladles are hung, especially in rustic-type environments. Another interior design theme could be linked to the 60s, or set towards more natural or vegetarian products, with consequent images. In general, all the techniques related to signage can be used for the interior.

The panini and brioche showcase

Even if the shop window where sandwiches and croissants are displayed is always under the eyes of the customers, it is often a kind of “poor relative” of the place.

The price tags are not very evident or even absent.In some cases the price tag risks becoming the cause of a fine by the control bodies because the tag with the price written on it cannot be left directly in contact with food. with felt-tip pen.

In most cases, the showcase is not exploited as it should be, using price tags that entice the consumer to try something different from the usual brioche. A handwritten tag does not give a great impression of product quality: if you were given a diamond wrapped in newsprint would you believe it is real or a bottle bottom?

The possibility of highlighting the products is greater in the case of showcases containing sandwiches and sandwiches because the space available is much greater and it becomes more important to encourage impulse purchases. Promotional tags can also be applied to the outside of the shop window which are less subject to food regulations and easier to change.

It is important to point out that the rules on food display and their pricing are always evolving and it is therefore essential to be very careful about how your products are displayed. An infringement of this type is visible to everyone (even your competitors) and could cause you visits – normally online shopping – by control bodies, who would take the opportunity to check if everything else is okay‚Ķ.

Fortunately, avoiding problems is easy with a little effort; and with even more attention you can turn your display cabinet into a great silent salesman.

Internal displays

Another interesting possibility is to use monitors inside the room to present messages and promotions. The dimensions of these monitors can vary from small digital frames to 32-inch televisions.

Normally the scrolling images can be stored on a memory card or USB stick to be easily changed. A beautiful series of food and drink photographs can certainly whet the appetite of the Customers or invite them to come back for the evening or breakfast.

Depending on the size of the screen, it may be necessary to subscribe to RAI, even if no television programs are shown

Staff clothing

An element of distinction can also be the clothing of the staff that creates an impression of professionalism and order.It is not necessary to spend a fortune, and sometimes even a single color sweaters with a possible STAFF writing on the back or a small logo are enough on the front.

It is also possible to customize aprons or work hats with the logo, obtaining a nice result with a modest expense.

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