Types of Promotional Products That Can Boost Your Business Growth

The marketing approach for different businesses will be different. The principle of marketing that Apple follows will not be similar to that of Ford. According to https://www.huffpost.com, promotional products help people to associate with your brand, see the brand, and recognize it.  

One can see that promotional giveaway is exchanged during trade shows or sales calls and can have an everlasting impact on the minds of the people receiving them. Three things that determine the popularity of a promotional item are usefulness, impressions and power. One will always need to provide a product that will easily resonate with the recipients.  

Best Promotional Product Ideas 


Ceramic mugs, water bottles, glassware, and several other promotional drinkware can help to promote a business. It has been analyzed that more than 50% of the consumers have promotional drinkware with them. As we know, water is an integral part of our life so let the necessities promote your brand. 


To increase the marketing reach, you can use the promotional magnets. Promotional magnets can help to hold important documents or photos within the reach of the user. Since it comes with a lot of uses, so it is going to be highly visible. 


Use calendars for promotion because one will use it throughout the year, and it is going to be a daily reminder of the company. 

Try to customize the calendar, be creative and use specific information related to the client base or the company. One can also include 365 reminders about the organization and why one should opt for it. 


Personalized Coolers or lunch bags can be very helpful because consumers are going to use it during their free time. Camping trips, beaches, sporting events and BBQs are the places where cooler are used, and these are the places where large gatherings are encountered. 

Try to keep the logo modest so that it will catch the attention of the prospective clients and provide your brand with enough recognition. 


Pens are infinitely useful and are very simple. If you feel that other free promotional products are expensive, then you can go with this one because people use it daily. 

Make sure that the pen writes nicely as it will help in creating brand loyalty. One can also invest in the custom pens of high quality. Quality and company creates a subconscious connection which is priceless. 

Power Banks:

If you want to charge up the marketing strategy of your company, then try to provide power banks. They have a lot of influence because of their functionality and power. 

For some consumers, it will be like a boon to receive a power bank that can bring a change in their life. The reason to provide promotional product is to leave a strong impact on the minds of the consumer and with power banks; you are leaving a strong trace

Desk Accessories:

When we are talking about the high-staying power of the promotional product, then desk accessories have a high staying power. For 14 months, it is going to make some repeated impressions on the minds of the customers, which will help to provide brand recognition. It helps to create a sense of unity and brand power in the office environment. 

Try to provide your employees with several desk accessories like calendars, pens, and notepads that will do the advertisement for your company. To get more ideas, you can opt for Superior promotional products in NYC.

USB Drives:

USB drives are going to offer different types of styling options which will help with business promotion. You can customize the USB drive with the logo of your company. USB drives are available in different materials, sizes, and colors. 

According to statistics, it has been revealed that 91% of the people keep the USB drive that they have received as a promotional product because of its usefulness. So USB drives are an example of how promotional products should concentrate on the usefulness.

Tote Bags:

Tote bags can be a useful marketing tool, especially when you are providing it during any trade show. Go for reusable tote bags or grocery bags because they are useful, and people are going to use it daily. 

Promotional bags will help in creating an impression. People are continually using carry bags so go for reusable and biodegradable tote bags because they are eco friendly and at the same time people who are using it will come in contact with more people. It will do a passive advertisement for your brand. As bags are mostly used in public places, so they are going to provide a high amount of impression.


One can never have too many of clothes, specifically T-shirts. Whether we are going to the gym or sleeping or visiting a friend, we will always try to wear one of those T-shirts that are comfortable. So if your promotional business product is T-Shirt then try to include slogans or designs which are cool and will have an everlasting impact on the minds of the people wearing them. 

If the logos are eye-catching, then the co-workers or the friend of the person wearing it will ask about the source of the t-shirt, and they will talk about your company. Try to provide t-shirts of good quality as good quality products will last longer and will do the advertisement for a long time. 


Coasters are a great way to flaunt your brand. When you give promotional coasters, try to make it unique, and it must be of absorbent fabric that will quickly absorb the moisture in comparison to other coasters. 

So it will leave an impact on the minds of the consumer that your company believes in providing the best in the market.


Promotional items have the power to increase market share and provide brand recognition. While picking the promotional product, make sure that the people are going to use it daily or frequently and it is not going to end in the corner of their home. By using the marketing material timely one will be able to entice the prospects. 

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