Iconic Road Trip Routes in Australia You Must Travel

Australia is a huge country with diverse geography and so many breathtaking and unique spots to see and experience. While you can travel from city to city with a plane (the fastest way to travel in Australia) you will miss out on a lot of excitement.

Taking a road trip to Australia might be the best way to get to know the country and truly experience its charms. No matter if you’re a local or a tourist, here are the best road trip routes in Oz you must take at least once in your life.

The Great Ocean Road

Probably the most famous road trip route in Australia, the Great Ocean Road is a thrilling drive full of dramatic cliffs, enchanting ocean views and craggy coastline spots. It’s not a very long road, so it’s perfect for first-timers, but still make sure to take it slow, so you can enjoy every bit of Victoria land.

Great Ocean Road

Of course, your biggest goal will be to see the famous 12 Apostles, cool rock formations that rise up from the ocean. But while you’re traveling to see the rocks, don’t miss a chance to see cute lighthouses, visit cafes overlooking the sea and keep your eyes open for koalas.

The Grand Pacific Drive

Australian coastal road trips are really something so we have another one for you—the Grand Pacific Drive. This trip will allow you to follow the ocean on one side and enjoy the dramatic landscape on the other. With only 140 kilometers, this drive is an easy challenge for most adventurers, but you can make it longer by taking your time and making plenty of stops (it’s exactly how every road trip should be enjoyed). Start your ride just outside of Sydney and let the road take you onto Wollongong’s Sea Cliff Bridge—it’s a must-see destination.

Grand Pacific Drive

Sydney to Melbourne

This is a more serious road trip that’s around 1,300 kilometers long (usually requires at least 4 days to experience properly). Before you start your adventure from Sydney, make sure to check your car beforehand, because you’ll spend more time on the road. Pay special attention to your tyres, and don’t hesitate to visit a tyre shop in Sydney to refresh your wheels and check whether your wheels are properly aligned.

Sydney to Melbourne

This will ensure a safe and smooth trip for you and your passengers. Once everything is in order, you can cross the entire Grand Pacific Drive, make plenty of stops on the way to enjoy the views and arrive in Melbourne for a great city adventure.

Outback adventure from Darwin to Adelaide

An even more serious drive will take you across the outback from Darwin to Adelaide. Expect to see breathtaking landscapes as you go over miles and miles of red soil of the Northern Territory. When you conquer that, you’ll reach amazing wineries of South Australia and have many treats in terms of food and drink. This is a road trip more suitable for experienced drivers, but if you add a few more days for rest and exploration, even beginners can enjoy it safely.

Outback adventure from Darwin to Adelaide

The Big Lap

With this road trip, it’s all in the name. The Big Lap will take you all around Australia, crossing 15,000 kilometers of Highway One and visiting seven of the biggest cities in the country—Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. It will take you at least 6 months for this trip, but if you have time and money, it will be the adventure of a lifetime and a story you’ll tell your grandkids about.

The Big Lap

Driving in Australia is pure joy, so make sure to take up any of these road trips and have a blast on the open road. Expect to see unique scenery, beautiful animals and gorgeous people.

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