Top 10 Gadget Accessories You Must Have for Your Remote Work Setup

Working from home has become the new normal in this decade. According to a Gallup 2017 report, 43% of all employees occasionally work from a remote office location.

Another survey by SHRM in 2020 revealed that 70% of all companies in the USA switched to remote working after the Covid-19 pandemic struck. More people are setting up remote workplaces at home because it is convenient for them.

Having to work from home has its benefits. You get to work in an environment that you are comfortable in and quiet.

However, starting up a remote workstation can be challenging. That is because you do not have work gadgets. When you typically attend the workplace, your office has everything you need to carry out the day’s tasks. Nevertheless, when you work from home, you might not know where to start because you do not have home office facilities.

Therefore, this post will share ten must-have work gadgets for any remote working place. Let us get to it:

1. Noise-cancelling earphones

For most people, having a remote work set-up would mean working from home. Further, very few of these people live alone, and if they do, most of them live in noisy neighborhoods. Therefore, the concentration may be off because the noise is distracting you. 

That is where the noise-cancelling headphones come into play. You can get these headphones from an online store and enjoy the convenience of delivery. 

It would also be best to take advantage of online shopping because the stores have discount coupon code (s) and great deals that may save you money.

2. A laptop stand

Many homes have a desktop or a laptop that they use whenever they want to use the internet or use a word-processing application. However, if you intend to have a home office, it is best to get a laptop stand.

It is designed to support a good posture and a proper hand position. The dangers of uncomfortable work set-ups are significant and must not be ignored.

Proper ergonomics is essential to a comfortable work set-up that ensures maximum productivity.

3. Internet access

The internet is crucial for any remote work set-up to function correctly. It is one of those work accessories that are compulsory. Therefore, if you do not have reliable internet access, your output will badly be damaged. However, you may have an internet connection, but it may be too slow.

You must check to see if the speeds are good. If they are not, then you need to upgrade your router. An old router may not receive the waves as the light beam transmits them. Therefore, the internet may be slow.

But before you decide to get a new one, talk to your service provider; they might have a trick up their sleeves.

Lastly, consider buying the new router from an online store. They have great deals and tend to have items of higher quality.

4. Wireless mouse and keyboard

If you have a desktop at home instead of a laptop, you may need a wireless mouse and keyboard. You may not always need to lean towards your computer and type in some information or use the mouse through these two components.

They are wireless, making them convenient for you because they have an ergonomic aspect. Additionally, keyboards with a cord are slowly going out of style. You can join this new trend and get yourself a cordless one.

5. Wireless charging pad

If your phone can charge on a wireless connection, it is best to keep it juiced using a wireless charging pad. There is no need to have a thousand wires running across your workspace. That can be distracting.

However, if your phone still requires a wired connection to charge, it is best to get a charging hub. It is by far the best way to keep your workspace organized and avoid confusion with work accessories during productive hours.

6. Surge protector

Power surges are occurrences that we do not have much control over. While our electronic devices are sensitive to surges, it would be advisable to have surge protectors to avoid any disastrous outcomes. A surge protector safeguards your devices from this type of malfunction.

Additionally, you may consider getting yourself a multi-plug extension. For any remote worker, there are never enough plugins in the world. That is where a multi-plug comes in. you can plug in multiple devices and enjoy the convenience.

Lastly, you may consider heading on to an online store to get a coupon code that you may redeem to receive a discount on selected items.

Multi pin

7. Power bank

A power bank is a great alternative when the lights go out. When you are working remotely, there is always the chance that the power will go out. Therefore, unless you have a backup generator at your place, it is best to get a power bank.

Also, the technology used to manufacture power banks has improved tremendously. Some can charge older laptops and even camera batteries.

8. External hard-drive

You cannot always rely on your computer’s internal memory to hold the data for you. The laptop might break down, and you will lose all your data. However, if you have an external HDD, you will not have to worry about this sort of thing.

Also, always ensure you have backed up all your data at a cloud storage website or application. It will help you retrieve lost data.

9. Webcam and microphone

When you work remotely, you might need to attend video conference calls with colleagues. Therefore, getting a webcam and microphone will improve the audio and video quality you will be transmitting.

10. An electronics bag

You may find yourself making frequent trips to a co-working space. That is why you need a good travel rucksack to hold all your electronics. 


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