How to Pick Your Niche in Video Streaming App Development

The number of internet users who utilize TV apps has been increasing over the years. Many platforms have also opened up. This article will focus on how to develop a good web streaming app and also on a highlight of the best streaming platforms that are currently in the sector, their pros and cons. As the technology gains popularity around the world, the users are now demanding high-quality video content. Some of the biggest losers due to this development are TV owners as a significant part of the population has abandoned the TV in favor of the streaming apps.

Reasons for widespread use of the applications

  • The viewers want to access high-quality videos that cover their interest areas.
  • The TV apps allow the viewers to watch their favorite videos at their most convenient time. Streaming video content is always available at any given time.
  • Smartphone users can download the video streaming apps and watch videos while still traveling.
  • Analysis of the most popular streaming apps

Some of the most common streaming platforms include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. Many other similar options have come up over the years.

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The streaming platform contains videos such as TV shows, movies, and comedy. After paying a periodic subscription fee, you gain access to footage from the original programming. Depending on the users’ preference, one can create up to 5 profiles using one account. The profiles can be used for different video content that you’ve subscribed for.


The users enjoy an excellent selection of videos on the platform and this makes it one of the most comfortable streaming options to use.

  • The user interface is optimized to improve the experience.
  • It contains a good system for recommendations.
  • Netflix stands out due to consistent performance.


  • The cost of accessing streaming services is higher as compared to the other service providers.
  • The titles used for different content changes frequently.
  • The chances of getting new content on the site are low.

Amazon Video

The streaming service contains videos such as movies, TV shows, and episodes of the original programs. To increase the number and improve the quality of services offered on Amazon Video, the service provider agreed with Viacom. Viacom has subsidiaries such as Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central. After the signing of the agreement, the viewers have had easy access to comedy shows and also content meant for the children.

Amazon Video also contains many episodes from the HBO classics. You can also enjoy some of the latest movies. The prime members are not required to pay any extra charges to watch films from the Outfest LGBTQ festival.


  • It contains a wide variety of video content.
  • You enjoy the Amazon Prime benefits.
  • You are likely to find original, entertaining videos.


  • Finding new videos is hard.
  • It can only be accessed on a few platforms.
  • You are required to pay an extra amount for la carte video content.


The streaming platforms have some of the latest TV shows. The viewers also enjoy network and cable shows after a short period. If you missed some past seasons of your favorite show, Hulu has all the seasons to ensure that you are up to date.

Hulu is gaining more popularity than other options such as Netflix and Amazon as it is faster to access. To cater to the needs of different clients, Hulu offers its services in two types of subscriptions. One has commercials while the other does not. The commercial-free subscription is more expensive.


  • The subscribers enjoy a great selection of the current TV shows.
  • The services are relatively cheaper as compared to other providers.
  • The programming is of high quality and original.


  • The commercials keep on recurring.
  • It contains old TV seasons.
  • The user interface is unfriendly.

Essential features for video streaming apps

The number of service providers has been increasing by the day and hence the need to be innovative in the development of the applications.

The following is a highlight of the key features that you need to include:

Registration for a user to enjoy your services, they usually undergo a registration process which mainly involves using an email address or social media accounts such as Facebook.

Personal accounts as this allows users to have control over their data such as their email addresses and passwords. Since the users may have different preferences regarding the payment methods, enable the app to allow them to choose the most convenient. Some of the most common means of payment include credit and debit cards.

Filters to enable the viewers to pick their favorite topics. For example, an application may provide different content like Crime, Comedy, or Adventure. The video content viewers can choose one of these areas of interest.

Recommendations for users to see their favorite content. They can make recommendations and watch the videos later from the homepage.

Social media sharing is one of the best ways to promote your live stream app through the sharing of the content available to various social platforms. It is therefore advisable to enable a one-click sharing option.

How live streaming works

It is the desire for all internet users to watch their favorite videos instantly. The platforms that have video content with the highest resolution are likely to attract more viewers. However, the primary challenge is the different internet bandwidths.

The bitrate is influenced by the type of device used by the viewers. High-quality devices require more bandwidth to ensure that the videos can be displayed without any delays. When the users have devices with slow download speed, and they are streaming a video at a higher rate, the video becomes of low quality. The use of common bitrates among video streaming service providers is gaining prominence. The above information will help you to create your own streaming app.

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