How to Market a Legal Practice and Attract Clients

Marketing a legal practice requires a deft hand. After all, who hasn’t seen the slew of late-night personal injury advertisements replete with bad graphic design, choppy editing, and wooden acting. While this isn’t representative of all legal marketing efforts, it encapsulates some of their common flaws.

Between investing in an asset management platform for greater marketing collaboration and taking inspiration from successful multilingual law firms, there are steps you can take to improve your law firm’s marketing, attract new clients, and build your portfolio. So, if you want to craft legal marketing materials that work but you don’t want to sacrifice your messaging quality, here’s what you need to know.

Expand your knowledge base.

If you want to connect with new customers, it’s important to address diverse populations with diverse needs. For example, say you’re starting a legal practice in Louisiana. New Orleans, in particular, supports a variety of clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. As such, you may encounter prospective clients that speak English, Spanish, French, and other languages or dialects. Being an attorney in New Orleans often means you’re either multilingual or have access to solid translation services that will enable you to better connect with your clients and address their unique needs.

Outside of your language skills, it can also help to expand your service offerings. If you only focus on one particular type of law, say personal injury law, it might be worth it to consider a partnership that helps you expand your knowledge base or continuing education to bolster your CV. After all, it’s not unreasonable that your clients will expect you to be familiar with the latest news, legal developments, and statutes that could impact their case. If you don’t already budget for continued education, it’s a good idea to do so. The more knowledge you have, the more you can market your expertise.

Invest in asset management services.

Your marketing assets probably currently exist across different mediums throughout your marketing team. Some members of your practice may have folders packed with physical marketing assets, while other associates may rely strictly on services like Dropbox or Google Drive. For starters, you must be able to guarantee consistency when you’re working with clients.

After all, a prospective client might not choose a legal team that seems a touch less organized than the competition. Typically, the best way to handle this is by digitizing your existing data and relying on cloud services. However, you choose to standardize your assets; you should then invest in an asset manager.

marketing asset management system, also known as a digital asset manager, helps ensure brand consistency while giving your digital assets a single location. This enables you to organize your assets better and also makes it simpler for each person on your team to access the necessary marketing materials. Plus, many digital asset managers allow you to set permissions and adjust them on the go. Some digital asset managers even empower your legal marketing team with advanced labeling and nesting capabilities. Whether your specialty is criminal defense or you take on personal injury cases, ensure brand consistency with helpful marketing templates and asset management tools.

Rethink your website.

Rethink your website

Even if you’re the best lawyer in the United States, a bad legal website can hamper your marketing efforts and damage your reputation. A bland website is enough of a problem on its own. A poorly designed website, however, can be a major marketing headache. That said, it’s important to audit your website as soon as possible to check for potential upgrades, fixes, and performance tweaks. When you’re looking for web design services, you want to choose a company with years of experience developing legal websites that promote a high ROI.

It would help if you also considered your content creation workflow. Think of your website like your work attire. While petite suits and blazers help you look professional, it’s your knowledge and skill set that make you an asset. A pretty website format can do a lot of work on its own, but content negligence won’t make any of that work stand out in a meaningful way. Luckily, many web designers offer a free consultation and provide you with a more accurate quote depending on your website’s size and redesign’s scope.

Legal marketing takes consistent effort.

Whether you’re a one-person marketing department or you’re part of a bigger team, it’s important that you consistently apply your resources to your marketing efforts. Your marketing needs might vary greatly from local marketing within your practice area to national campaigns for class actions.

By partnering with the right asset management firms, empowering your marketing department, and focusing on the knowledge that matters to your clients, it’s easier to ensure brand consistency and market your legal practice in a way that matters. With best practices, a marketing asset management tool, and a capable marketing manager, you’re sure to develop a marketing strategy that’s a perfect fit for your growing legal business.

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