Key Ways Call Tracking Can Help You Boost Your Marketing Efforts

If you’re looking towards finding better ways of ensuring your marketing campaigns become fruitful in the long run, you’ll likely need the tools to be able to accurately assess the data you’re retrieving from your prospects, leads, and customers. If this has led you to this call tracking article, then you’re on the right track.

If you’re in need of a refresher, call tracking can be extremely relevant towards giving your company a push to amp up its marketing game primarily because of its usefulness as a materic. Data from IfByPhone, as reported by Search Engine Land, suggests that 43-percent of conversions are in fact not just search-based, but are also done through calls. Moreover, 65-percent of businesses also consider phone calls as their best source for leads. If you’re in need of a push to amp up your digital marketing game, here’s some key ways call tracking can help you boost your marketing efforts:

Key Ways Call Tracking Can Help You Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Get a means to qualify and attribute your leads.

If you want your marketing department to have a better means of tracking leads across your campaigns, call tracking software such as Fone Dynamics can actually locate various blind spots in your attribution strategy, which tend to be phone calls. Sometimes, people tend to think call tracking is just something that show which channels callers are coming from. However, call tracking is extremely powerful as it also helps determine as to whether or not those leads are actually considered qualified and converting.

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This is important, as not all leads eventually become conversions. Identifying which is which, and what variables separate them, can spell the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign. If you fail to segregate bad and good leads, you wouldn’t be able to measure your returns of investment much more accurately.

Utilizing various features of call tracking such as call recording will now help you find ways to better segregate and compartmentalized unqualified and qualified leads, and even categorized them for better reports. Some options such as call flow menus even help provide automation towards your tagging procedures, and reports on things such as call duration can provide valuable insights to your leads.

Get a means to integrate your current software with all the perks of call tracking.

As a marketing team, chances are you have multiple forms of software that allow you to keep track of all aspects of your campaign. Integrating call tracking software into them can actually help transform your marketing into “smart” marketing. Some call tracking software is actually able to “communicate” and “connect” with other marketing softwares, such as PipelineDeals, Acquisio,, HubSpot, and Marketo.

If you find a software that is capable of doing this, then chances are your data acquisition strategy will increase tenfold, providing you with more sources than ever for more accurate data. Integrations, when successful, can make a lot of your tasks tremendously easier. Lead transfers into company CRMs, better usage of your client-facing dashboards, and inbound lead data reporting can now become easier thanks to the possibility of integrating call tracking methods into your campaign software.

Get a means to identify where your strong and weak points are, and adjust accordingly.

One perk of being able to track data with a keen degree of accuracy is the ability to find and identify what works and what doesn’t, and as such provide you with a full bird’s eye view of the situation. Call tracking allows you to identify how certain leads are being converted and how they aren’t, as well as view other aspects of your marketing campaigns that may be holding you back.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

You can finally “close” the proverbial loop when it comes to tracking data, and that’s finding what works and improving on it, and removing what doesn’t. This can give you better opportunities to make more informed and calculated decisions towards your campaigns.

For instance, call tracking software can help identify specific advertisement channels that aren’t getting you any leads, so you can either modify these channels or remove them entirely to meet your returns or save money. Depending on your current goals, the analytics you gather can in fact be used to your advantage.

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The Takeaway: Marketing With The Right Numbers Can Secure A Foothold

If you think about marketing as an equation, much of the variables you need to get the “right answer” will most likely be things you have to search for yourself – and this is hard if you don’t know where to start. The key ways call tracking can help you boost your marketing efforts can be summarized with the remarkable ability of call tracking to provide you with metrics and forms of measurement that can be extremely easy to access. As such, the question now becomes – given these numbers, how can you use these newfound variables towards boosting your marketing?

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