How to create applications without being a developer?

For users of smart devices who want to create an application to suit them, there is a world of ready-made platforms to do them step by step without being a programmer or developer of this type of tool.

Mobile applications have become an interesting and practical resource in the mobile world. They are tools that provide a service and, although several require payment to download, there are also free ones. But we do not always find the appropriate one for what we need. Do you dare to create one yourself?

Although it would be useful for those most interested to study programming to generate more human resources that provide solutions in this segment. The truth is that not all of us have patience and understanding of these issues. Due to anxiety or lack of knowledge, we soon lose interest in instructing ourselves if we want to shape an application.

For some time now, the developers themselves have created a very interesting niche in this regard. Which is to offer platforms that operate as templates that create mobile tools, the apps that generate apps. Although you are not going to show off with an application that is too complex, surely you can manage to motorize an idea that you did not know how to carry it out.

These platforms are known as app builders and in this article, we will discover only a few to know what they are about. Make sure you weigh all of your options before you select the best app developer.

Android Mobile Developer – A Man of the Future

 create applications for android

And here are a couple of “tricks” that an advanced programmer of mobile applications owns:

  1. He knows how and does not get tired constantly caring about the performance of the developed application. The reality is that a heavy application eats up the user’s device resources. And the problem is not in “visual brakes”, but in the fast battery drain. Therefore, the developer spends a lot of time to save at least 5-10 minutes of charging.
  1. He knows how to follow guidelines – descriptions of the appearance of various elements. Although these standards for Android are not as stringent as for Apple, moving away from them will still cause complaints. It is important to perceive the guidelines as assistants facilitating the work of the Android application developer. Then there will be no problems.

Let’s do it!

If you already have an idea of ​​what you want to do, just manage your work. For example, you might want to convert the MS Access database to a web application so you can have a genuinely scalable database in the cloud, ready to be accessed from anywhere. We will review those platforms that will help you shape a mobile tool, available both for novices in the subject and for those who have any development idea.

1. AllJoyn

It is open source software that professes to work collaboratively by offering a basis for creating tools that can be easily linked with other languages. It is intended for people who have some developing knowledge and especially who have worked with Linux before. However, the code base is simple and allows you to discover devices, link, route messages and generate a security method.

Users who lend themselves to the experience will be able to exchange information and settings with other peers, learn about other devices, be part of a user network, operate a common control panel, etc. Unexpected work groups can be generated in collaboration with an idea. On the site page you can visit all the projects that are running (

2. Goodbarber

It is an ideal service for those who just put their noses in this world. It gives you everything you need to create and design your own mobile application available for Android or iOS step by step (those who use Windows Phone will have to choose another app builder). Here it is not necessary to know absolutely nothing about programming or development, nor about design itself. Since you only have to choose from among the options offered by the software and click the “Next” button until you get the finished product. As a plus: you can add other tools to your mobile app that will make it more interesting such as links to YouTube, WordPress, Twitter or Facebook, among other social networks.

You can create a popular application, such as a radio station, or an internal one for the company where you work where a mobile service is provided to employees. Although the implementation of your idea will require an investment. The costs are minimal and you can even take advantage of offers for both beginners and advanced. In fact, those who already have information about web development can choose a plan that includes an iPad version, internal CMS and monetizer, access to content API and setting API, among other options.

3. AppMachine

This platform allows you to create and design with ease as in the previous case. Add to the proposal a scanner for your website to read your interests and clothing from scratch a native app that contains everything you offer. The result is a tool available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

Another interesting option that adds up is a promoter of your app, so you only have to ensure the necessary licenses for the tool to work and the platform is in charge of promoting it through a screenshot.

As these platforms there are many more that flood the great showcase of the Internet. It is a matter of looking for the one that fits your needs, the one that seems easiest to use and the one that offers you more options that you had not thought to enhance your tool.

The app builders open a window for those who are not embedded in the complex world of programming languages ​​to carry out their ideas. As a disadvantage, everything that gives us the freedom to create without knowledge does not allow us to escape from a structure. Therefore we will not be the inventors of gunpowder nor does it ensure us to become great entrepreneurs with a mobile tool.

Still, great technological inventions were born with a mind that had an idea and with the possibilities that came when it was attractive to certain sectors of the industry. So, to create it has been said!

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