How To Change US Mailing Address – A Do-It-Yourself Guide

If you are looking to retain a box at your post office or maybe you are relocating to your new place, you would definitely need to change yours to a new address in order to continue getting those mails. If you want to update your address to continue getting those mails, then you would need to inform your post office about this. The easiest and fastest process to change your address through the post office is online. In fact, you will be sent an email immediately confirming the change. However, doing a change of address online us postal there are some necessary steps you might have to follow to be successful. 

First, a one-dollar fee will be deducted from your debit or credit card. This fee deduction is just for verification of identity to ensure it is the actual person making the change not someone else. You however can encounter issues with the online process since not all the postal locations can be identified as the mailbox location. And as result, there will definitely be some delay in the update of the new information so again it is possible to come across some issues along the way. Some of these issues you can encounter are the USPS system not recognizing your location or even the total rejection of the location address such that you can not enter your location at all. In this kind of situation, it would definitely be worth it to do the change of address in person even if the process is a much longer one. Another part of the problem a person is likely to encounter is while you are doing a change of address online you are bound to get to a section where the US postal address includes the choice of going for the informed delivery service option. When you get to this stage it is very much safer to ignore the offer and move on with the registration instead of opting in because there is a higher chance of encountering some problems of having mails not properly forwarded to the US Postal service agency. And this is definitely because the informed delivery service option is not available for many mailbox addresses that are available. 

If you are doing a change of address in person, then you would have to be physically present at the post office and then you can request a number 3575 form. This is definitely a free form so it is advisable to directly get the form from the desired post office since you won’t be able to print it from the phone at home. This process also definitely requires verification and you are required to provide some necessary details about you to them. When you have submitted your change of address, you will get three confirmation forms – a letter of validation for the change of address, a letter of confirmation for a permanent address change, and a welcome kit. The letter of validation will be sent to your former address, the letter of confirmation and welcome kit will both be sent to your new address. 

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