How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

Investing in Bitcoin is one of the ways many people have chosen to multiply their wealth. But if you want to follow suit, you should know how to take calculated risks. You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) in various ways, and using cash is one of the ways you can do it. It is crucial to know how to buy Bitcoin with cash to take advantage of any low prices of the digital currency and hopefully reap bountiful returns later when the price rises.

Reasons to buy bitcoin with cash

Although there are other ways to buy Bitcoin, you may choose to buy BTC with cash because it has several advantages:


Knowing how to buy Bitcoin with cash is crucial because it is faster than most other methods. Some payment methods, such as bank transfers, may take a few days to fully process and verify.


You may avoid having to submit as many documents that would otherwise be needed to verify your identity or reveal your identity at all when you buy BTC with cash. This is crucial to avoid tracking by some governments or organizations—or prevent identity theft in case the seller is not careful with handling data.

Ease of transaction

Typically, it is easy to buy Bitcoin with cash if you want to buy small amounts of digital coin.

Ways to buy Bitcoin with cash

If you’re searching “How to buy bitcoin with cash?” you have several options that you may consider:

Using crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges are some of the safest places you can buy Bitcoin. However, some exchanges take several days to process a Bitcoin purchase because of verifying the user’s account and for bank transfers to clear.

The good news is that if you want to know how to buy bitcoin with cash in Turkey, you can use one of the best exchanges to get your BTC swiftly, fast, safely, and with no limits. You can walk into any NakitCoins office and Buy bitcoin with USD. This works well for both new and experienced bitcoin investors.

Using P2P exchanges

You can buy Bitcoin via P2P platforms such as LocalBitcoins and others that link buyers and sellers. The platform allows you to find sellers in your area who you can meet and buy BTC from with cash. Also, you can buy from sellers not in your locality with a cash deposit. The P2P platforms usually do not require you to submit personal details or for verification, but some sellers may request your information as you transact.

One of the pros of P2P platforms includes that they can be fast and allow anonymous trading if the transaction is in-person. However, these platforms pose the risks of scams. Thus. it is vital to follow the rules and be cautious. The platforms may not enable you to buy massive amounts of bitcoins.

Using Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs accept cash and send Bitcoin to a provider wallet. You need to locate the nearest ATM to you and then visit its location. Once there, follow the easy steps, and you will receive your Bitcoin in your crypto wallet.

Although Bitcoin ATMs are convenient and allow round-the-clock purchases, they charge higher transaction fees than the other options. Also, automated machines are not available everywhere


If you’ve been wondering how to buy Bitcoin with cash, you now know some of the best ways. You can use crypto exchanges, P2P platforms, and Bitcoin ATMs. Before you choose the method to use, you need to check how convenient an option is and the charges for the transaction, among other things. 

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