How to block annoying calls and text messages on your cell phone

Showcasing efforts in Colombia and whatever remains of the world turn out to be more forceful consistently. It is exceptionally irritating to get day by day calls or instant messages from organizations that need to advance items or administrations amid working and non-working hours intruding on your work beat or influencing you to tune in to irritating promoting efforts before having the capacity to hang up.

You can battle these telephone spam benefits by adding the undesirable numbers to your telephone contacts and stamping them as “don’t reply” or comparable. Moreover Android and iOS offer local capacities to manage irritating numbers . For instance in Android you can spare an irritating number in your contacts and arrange it so the entirety of your calls are occupied instantly to phone message.

block annoying calls and text messages on your cell phone

On the off chance that you have an iPhone you can hinder a contact from your note pad, you simply need to open your data card and there you will discover the alternative “obstruct this contact”. Likewise in the event that it is a number that you don’t have put away in your gets in touch with, you can square it by entering the rundown of late calls and squeezing the data symbol alongside the obscure number to achieve a similar alternative to square contact.

Square a contact in iOS

Contingent upon the producer of the telephone, it is likewise conceivable to check an undesirable particular contact or add it to a dismissal list so as not to get any more calls or instant messages from that number. In any case, if your telephone does not have the capacities portrayed above, or the advertising organization is figuring out how to consider you each time from an alternate number or a private one, you can utilize one of the accompanying applications to carry out the activity of recognizing and dial the irritating numbers, because of their gigantic databases of spam numbers.

Square calls and messages utilizing Applications

In the event that your irritating contacts are unyielding or you simply would prefer not to physically distinguish them, leave the work to applications that handle colossal databases of spamers worldwide and have guest recognizable proof capacities that will enable you to find who was the one I call.

Mr. Number

For the present accessible for Android , notwithstanding enabling you to exclusively stamp each contact in your timetable that you require as undesirable so as not to get your calls or messages or send them to phone message, Mr. Number can examine your contacts looking for numbers. perceived spam and help you stamp them.

Its “switch query” capacity will give you data about the calling number so you can choose what to do before replying (the initial 20 turn around queries are free). On the off chance that you have issues with promoting organizations that call from private numbers, you can design not to permit considers when the number isn’t identifiable.


Accessible for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian is an exceptionally entire application. Dissimilar to M. Number that spotlights on blocking undesirable calls, TrueCaller Number Tracker centers around distinguishing the guest, so you can likewise choose whether to answer or not. Similarly you are permitted to make arrangements of undesirable contacts and utilize the gigantic database of spam numbers around the world.

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