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How the ownership of intellectual property created by your own contractors or employees?

intellectual property created

The best deals of protecting intellectual property are made by contractors and the employees. From innovations to product design to the creative works, contractors and employees make so many contributions. As a contractor or employee, you might be amazed whether you are interested in which you have created at work or the employer has the legal interest on that. Actually, the answer depends on intellectual property rights, the job nature for what you are being hired for, or the agreement with the employer. 

How is the privilege specified?

When you will start a new work or any freelance contract then you will be submitted with the onboarding paperwork. This paperwork consists of the ownership provision of intellectual property. These provisions just address the intellectual property ownership at the time of employment. But they also address the intellectual property ownership at the outside of the company without using the company’s resources. 

How to protect intellectual property as the employee

Mostly the perfect situation to address IP ownership is while you’re entering the recent employment relationship and you are with one employer. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of a new project for the employer. Always confirmed while reviewing any contracts and individual documentation that is presented to any extra IP obligation has been stipulated or not. Overall the facts which are surrounded by the relationship with the employer & your activities of making any IP item are mainly to be contemplated in determining the ownership. The default rules of ownership may be varied by the agreement between contractor, employee, and employer. 

How to protect intellectual property as the contractor?

The contractual relationship basically assesses fewer responsibilities on the contractor. Their main duty is to transfer IP rights to another employer.

Sometimes, a contractor maintains IP rights ownership during a contractual relationship. Many times the right to work is earned at the request of the employer. Like where the contractor is exactly hired to generate certain work. Mostly the contractor gives up the rights of ownership to their IP creations. Then the contract compels to do as per their terms and conditions. 

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In absence of the intellectual property ownership agreements, some default rules are applicable. In an abstract, the patented innovation has been owned by the inventor itself, the industrial designs are owned by the creators, the copyrighted works are owned by the author. Anyway, in the part of the contractor or employee relationship, some default rules may be changed as per the basic requirement.

Some important things to include:

The commitment to assign the ownership:

These commitments mostly consisted of the contracts for those positions where the employee has been paid to design the marketing material, white papers, create literature and find the problem solutions. Always be confident to carefully analyze your contract, especially for the stipulations like the facts which are listed above. Always keep in mind that in most of the cases the contractual terms could be negotiated.

A commitment to assist the employer in seeking IP rights: 

Basically, when the patent rights are seeking, the applicant is expected to submit the statement from the creator. Sometimes the employment agreements might be imposed on the commitment to enforce the documentation which the employer might need while seeking the IP rights and might even assess a general & ongoing commitment to help the IP rights owner in enforcing or obtaining their rights.


If an agreement is absent, the contractors and employees may maintain more IP rights. When entering a contractual relationship or employment, always review the documents carefully before signing & negotiate the terms and conditions which you can accept easily. If your creativity’s continued ownership is more important, be aware of the containing relationships employers might be affected for your ownership.

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