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How Can London’s Commercial Premises Ensure a Safe Return For Staff Going Back to Work?

Safe Return For Staff

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a clean workspace is more vital than ever. Commercial premises in London can ensure a safe return to work for staff by getting their environment as germ-free as possible. This will prevent the spread of not only the coronavirus but other diseases too.

GCC FM’s commercial cleaning London services is one of the best ways to minimise infection spread. They are staffed by professionals who clean with the best techniques while using products of the best quality. Their office cleaning teams pay attention to those often forgotten areas within the workspace. 

Sadly, all London businesses cannot afford commercial cleaning services. Those who can may still be interested in pro-tips to keep up pristine premises between professional sessions. We are going to share some of the best ways to keep the workspace clean and why this is so important. 

How to Keep the Workplace Clean

If we spend a substantial amount of our lives in the workplace, the average being 8 hours, we must understand how to keep it clean. Contract cleaning services are not the only way to do it, everyone can play their part and here are some tips:

Disinfect Daily

This used to be seen as unnecessary and excessive, was not seen as a norm. However, it should be incorporated in these climes. Engaging in this practice does not have to take a long time but attracts huge benefits.

A quick and convenient way of doing this is by wiping surfaces down with antibacterial wipes. Desks and personal items like telephones, computers and even framed pictures should also be disinfected to increase this practice’s effectiveness. 

Kitchen areas should be given particular attention since food is handled here. Appliances like coffee machines, microwaves and refrigerators are the most commonly touched. The counters should be wiped, and sinks kept clean. 

General areas are not left out. Mopping the floor with a disinfectant containing water is a great way to keep clean, light switches, lift buttons, and access keypads frequently get in contact with human hands and must not be overlooked. 

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Wash Hands 

When people think PPEs, their minds typically rush to hazmat suits and latex gloves. It does not have to be this extreme. Every little care goes a long way in preventing the spread of disease. 

Workers should be persuaded to use face masks as much as they can. Of course, not everyone will accept these terms. If they choose to keep their faces uncovered, then they should maintain social distancing at their desk. When moving around, everyone has to use a mask to keep themselves and others safe. 

Hand washing should be the number one practice on everyone’s mind. It is a major limit to the spread of the virus. However, it is not always feasible during a hectic working day. Providing handwashing stations around the office and putting up signs discussing proper hand hygiene will help remind staff.

Hand sanitisers should be available to complement washing. For washes, liquid soap extracted in a pump method is superior to bar soaps. Also, choose disposable hand towels instead of their reusable variants. 

Ensure Air Quality 

Office environment needs to ensure adequate air quality to prevent the spread of disease through the air, among other issues. Air conditioning is a great way to create pleasurable working days, particularly during the summer. However, the ducts, filters and vents of these systems are often neglected. 

When dust collects within air conditioning channels, it can result in the circulation of germs through the workspace. Persons carrying the virus may not be in the same office or even floor as others, but through ACs, germs could spread across the entire premises. 

Benefits of Working in a Clean Environment

Aside from preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, there are many advantages of office cleaning, including: 

Increased Productivity

When everything is as it should be, there is this satisfaction that it produces. Thoughts become clearer and streamlined as anxiety generated from disarray is quelled. It is also easier to locate things since they have been placed properly.

Better Image

If a client or customer gets into a workplace and notices filth, it creates a negative opinion in their mind of the business. Clean surroundings say that your business conduct is responsible and efficient. Leaving a good impression is crucial to maintaining and growing a consumer base. 


As work premises enlarge, waste must be minimised. To get the value out of assets you procure, keeping them clean and tidy goes a long way in lengthening their lifespan. 


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