How do casinos attract women gamblers?

Casinos are no longer a man’s land. These days, you do see enthusiastic female gamblers breaking the norm, and it is a welcoming change. This leads to an increased number of players flocking to the casino premises.

Women usually enjoy themselves around the single-player, luck-based games like bingo, slots and scratch cards. However, card games might be equally enticing. But at land-based casinos, these are mostly dominated by men. This might be intimidating for a few. As a solution, virtual casinos have come to be a great respite. 

Women can enthusiastically play the games they have always wanted to without being discriminated against or facing any uncomfortable situations with their male peers. A huge part of this change is due to casinos taking steps to welcome and attract more female players to play and win. Here is how these casinos made it possible.

Improved advertisements

Earlier, advertisements used to be male-centric, because a major part of the crowd was composed of men. Women have now embraced the casino culture, and there are a lot of women celebrities that have become great poker players. With changing times, casino companies realized that advertisements need to be changed, too. They should cater to a more gender-neutral base of players rather than just men. Eventually, these adverts were less about wooing the ladies and more about the game, winning, and money.  Instant play pg slot casinos act as a great escape from all this.

Better visuals 

Gaming companies have also made visuals more appealing, perky, and bright in order to attract female gamblers to their games. Apart from that, the most preferred game by women –real money slots – has a lot of versions where they are based on movies like Lara Croft and Wonder Woman. This, as research suggests, makes women feel comfortable about participating as compared to playing games with male-centric themes. 

Integrating social media 

Another very important strategy employed by instant play casinos was to integrate these games either on Facebook or Instagram. This has seemed to work well for the companies, as women take part more enthusiastically and post the results, scores, and wins on social media. This leads to a lot of publicity for the company. At the same time, the male-centric image of gambling takes a step back.

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At a land-based casino, the truth of losing money is more hard-hitting as you lose in front of a group of people. The players might ridicule you, make you doubt yourself or comment on your strategy, which might demotivate you. 

Instant play casinos act as a great escape from all this. You don’t have to interact with a lot of people or experience discomfort. Your loss or win is quite dependent on luck. There is nobody who would look down upon you. At least initially, it is good to play online to understand the rules and then once you become confident, you can hit the land-based casinos. 

Exclusive incentives for women gamblers 

Online casinos are known to give welcoming discounts to players. Upon identifying the registered player as a woman, online casinos may also provide them with welcome bonuses, match deposit bonuses, extra games or extra spins for women players, etc. 

They can also make female gamblers feel special by giving them exclusive discounts on Mother’s Day and Women’s Day. Lastly, women gamblers might want to try live games, such as poker and roulette, in a virtual setting. Casinos make them feel even more comfortable by offering women dealers.

Bottom line

Earlier, there were probably no women seen in casinos at all. Then, slowly, the trend changed, but women still were considered mere accessories. Men played, wagered, and women stood beside them, hands on their shoulders, with a wine glass in the other hand, cheering them on. Another shift of perspective and players was seen after some time. Women were finally playing with men on the same tables. The advertisements changed, casino companies changed their policies and the players changed their attitude. The scene is a far cry from what it used to be back then. Land-based casinos are safe and virtual casinos even safer. 

Women, who were initially associated with only entertaining games have now taken center-stage in games like baccarat and poker. There is nothing holding the modern woman back, and she has claimed her space in the gambling industry, just like everywhere else in the world. All thanks to online casinos, who have made a safer environment for women to play and win alongside men.

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